10 Ways for Finding Grammar Mistakes in English

Spelling and grammar mistakes are able to spoil even the most interesting text. When it comes to academic writing, errors are out of the question. It’s not enough to gather useful and appropriate material. You should also rearrange it in such a way so that to make the text readable and logical. The wrong use of tenses is able to change the meaning of definite concepts. That’s why it’s very important to pay attention not only to finding the proper and reliable resources.  It’s necessary to check the text several times before handing it over to your tutor.

There are 10 effective ways of how to find grammar mistakes in English. You can use all of them or choose a couple of the most convenient ones.

Common Grammar Mistakes

Common Grammar Mistakes

English Dictionaries

It’s a rather outdated but still very effective way to make your writing more literate. If you think that some words sound wrong, it’s better to check them with the help of the dictionary. Moreover, when making up sentences, it’s necessary to check the spelling of the compound words. Nowadays there is no need to go to the library or bookstore to get a good dictionary. You can find various editions on the Net. It’s possible to download a free version or buy a professional electronic dictionary.

Yet, one more important point should be noticed. It’s not a good idea to use the first dictionary you find. The main disadvantage of the enormous number of available editions is that not all of them are reliable. It’s better to ask your tutor what edition is better. It’s also possible to find more information about the best English dictionaries on grammar blogs.

The Help of Professional Writers

There is a unique and extra effective way to get rid of all the grammar mistakes. You can use an essay writing service with professional academic experts. The experts are ready not only to provide you with a high-quality essay or dissertation. They promise excellent English without any mistakes.

At the same time, the specialist can help you to find grammar mistakes in the ready assignment. Online writing service cooperates with qualified writers from all over the globe. They have to pass several tests before they can start working. That’s why you may be sure the writers know everything about English grammar. They can use complex objects without a fear to add excess particles. They don’t confuse Present Simple with Present Perfect.

There are many benefits you get when using writing service. You save your time and effort. You get an excellent writing assignment. It’s possible to better your academic performance without cramming. Everything you need to do is to place your order. It’s important to define the topic, academic level, and deadlines. If you want to pay special attention to grammar, you should highlight this requirement.

The Help of Tutors

Only a few students are brave enough to ask for help from their tutors. Moreover, not every tutor agrees to stay after lectures or seminars to help students. Yet, the tutors are able to explain to you how to correct this or that mistake. They can prompt what rules you should pay attention to. This way of finding grammar mistakes is optional. You can’t always ask your tutors for help. Moreover, it’s not a good way out for university students.

Grammar Guidebooks

When you start writing any academic paper, you should prepare several grammar guidebooks. The thing is, it is impossible to write a good dissertation using only the simplest types of sentences. Whether you like it or not, you should use complex grammar structures. Only a few students are able to do it without guidebooks. To avoid mistakes, you should check the rules and follow the instructions. It’s important to pick up the proper editions in the same way as dictionaries.

Online Checkers

It’s one of the easiest and most comfortable ways to find grammar mistakes. You have to take several steps. The first one is to find a reliable grammar checker. For instance, Grammarly is a very effective tool. It’s possible to download both free and paid versions. The programs check grammar mistakes and offer the variants of correction. Yet, when it comes to phraseological units, not every checker is able to distinguish them from ordinary phrases.


It’s a well-known fact that if you want to write well, you should read a lot. When you see a word with a mistake, you understand that something is wrong.  When it comes to academic writing, it’s better to read specialized books and manuals.

Grammar Blogs

Blogs have become very popular and effective means of communication and solving problems. You can copy-paste your text and ask for advice. Other writers may help you find and correct some mistakes. It’s better to use several blogs. Moreover, you should remember that the users are not grammar experts. They can be wrong, too.

Top-Lists of Common Grammar Mistakes

Before proofreading your academic paper, it’s a good idea to look through the lists of top grammar mistakes. It will help to recognize a misspelled word or the wrong use of Passive voice, for example.

The Help of Friends

You definitely have friends who are better at writing than you are. You may ask them to check your writing. Yet, it’s not professional assistance, too.

Word Office

It’s better to use Word Office when writing your essay or dissertation. The program defines and offers the variants of correction automatically.

If you want to get really good and mistake-free paper, you should try several methods at a time.

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