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Welcome to Chase the Write Dream! Whether you’re a college student, recent grad, or Millennial just trying to figure life out, there’s something here for you. Take a moment to browse some of our topics below and get acquainted with the site, and don’t forget to bookmark this page or pin it for future reference!


College Student Must-Haves

Must-Have Items for Your College Backpack: Make sure you have all the college essentials you need in class and around campus!

Must-Have Items for Your College Backpack – You’ll never show up to class unprepared again with these items. Bonus tip – pull this post up for reference while you shop for your school supplies!

My Must-Have School Supplies for College – College life requires school supplies that you may not have needed during high school. Let me show you what my must-haves were!

Dorm Room Checklist: Must-Haves and Essentials – Important essentials for everyday living, including those little items that you REALLY don’t want to forget.

20 Freebies for College Students – Use your student status to get these freebies!


Financial Aid

helping-environment-online-bill-payCollege Financial Aid: 10 Free Websites You Need to Use – Let’s face it – college financial aid isn’t the easiest thing to figure out, and even when you do have a grasp on it, something new seems to pop up.

College Financial Aid Advice: Must-Know Tips – Having gone through the financial aid process many times myself, I’m providing you with some of my must-know tips for maximizing your awards.

How Long to Pay Off Student Loans – The Basics – If student loans are on the horizon, this is a must read. Make sure you’re educated before you start signing papers!


Study Tips

Best Study Tips for College Students – I use psychological research and experience to bring you the best study tips to help you get good grades.

10 Study Tips for College Students – And because one post of the best study tips isn’t enough, I have another one with ten hacks you can start using today.

How to Have a Productive Study Session – Have you ever found yourself studying for a long time, only to get a mediocre grade on a test? I talk about how to make the most of your study sessions so that you avoid that problem.


Life After Graduation

Life After College: 7 Things to Do After Graduation – You’ll find that life changes a lot after you graduate college. Here are seven things you should do to start adulthood right.

Life After College: 7 Things I Wasn’t Ready For – In this post, I share the seven biggest things I wasn’t ready for after I got my degree. Some may surprise you!

Moving Out Made Easy (21 Insanely Useful Tips) – Moving out can be the biggest pain, which is why I’m sharing 21 useful tips to make the process a little smoother.

Dorm/Apartment Life

College Tips - Dorm Room Decor Ideas for Under $10. Light up your drab dorm with these fun, yet purposeful, items!Dorm Room Decor: 10 Must-Haves Under $20 – Unique and useful items to help your dorm room or first apartment feel a little more fun. The best part? They fit into that tight budget I know you’re managing.

Make Your College Dorm Room a Retreat with These Ideas – Say goodbye to drab and hello to fab with these items that will turn any foreign room into a comfortable place.

7 Things Millennials Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Spend Money On – Although more of a “life” post, this one is a biggie. There are some things in life that are worth splurging on.

Must-Have Items for Your First Apartment – Moving into your first place? Stock up on these basic essentials!


Career Advice

creative writing degree5 Reasons You Should Write a Thank You Note After an Interview – Little gestures can make all the difference when it comes to getting hired or not for a job. Trust me on this one!

Interview Tips You Should Always Follow – Let’s go beyond the basics just a bit to make sure you have a solid foundation for landing the job you’ve got your heart set on.

50 Informational Interview Questions – Want to learn more about a career? Try an informational interview! You may be surprised by some of the answers you get to these questions.

10 Career Lessons I Learned in My 20s – I’ve learned a lot in my 20s, and I’m sharing my ten biggest lessons in this post.


How to Be a Successful Student

Overcome a college semester slump and get good grades all while managing your time wisely and sticking to a study scheduleMy Secrets for Getting A’s in College (And How You Can Too) – Our most popular post to date. Why? Because I tell you exactly how I went on to get a 4.0 in grad school. Don’t forget to sign up for the freebie while you’re there!

What It Takes to Be a Successful College Student – Being successful in college takes more than just studying. Check out my expert tips here.

How to Make Your College Paper Stand Out (in a Good Way) – One of my most favorite posts I’ve written (because papers are everything in college)


Time Management

Life After College: 7 Things to Do After Graduation | Your college student years are behind you and it's time to start focusing on being an adult, getting a job, and launching into your career. You also need to manage your money and take care of all your necessities. Talk about work! This post will help you focus on those things that will make adulthood a little bit easier for any college students and recent grads.Stress-Free Scheduling – Are you struggling to find the time to get your work done? Is procrastination affecting your grades? Good news! I made this ecourse just for you!

Solutions for Every College Student’s Time Management Problems – I expose some of the problems you might be running into and help you find solutions to fix them.

5 Ways You’re Managing Your Time Wrong in College – You may be surprised…

Establishing a Perfect Morning Routine: 7 Ways to Start Your Day Right – Set the stage for a great day with these perfect morning routine ideas.