4 Easy Tips for Surviving College Overseas

College can be very challenging for students studying overseas. Some students struggle with the language barrier while others find it hard to be away from home for the first time. Regardless of which category you fall under, we have some great tips to help you survive and thrive while at college overseas so make sure you check this list.

Find the Right College Accommodation

Finding the right accommodation is crucial. Living overseas means you are a long way from family and friends, so you need a bolt hole that’s comfortable and feels like home when you’re not in lectures.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to splurge on the right apartment. Choose one that has all the luxuries you can’t survive without, such as a gym.

There are some decent options for students looking for student accommodation in Portgual for instance, particularly in Lisbon. One good example can be seen through Collegiate. Students can live in Lisbon with Collegiate and enjoy plenty of great facilities. Collegiate offers decent student apartments in major cities throughout Europe and the UK. All their apartments are high-quality and known for their amazing extras, as well as enhanced security.

Keep Talking to Family and Friends

It’s being away from home, but it’s even harder going to college overseas. You can’t just hop on a bus to go home for the weekend and chances are, the only time you’ll get home will be at Christmas or summer break.

Make no mistake, you need your family and friends as a safety net, especially in the first few weeks and months while you are finding your feet. Stay in touch regularly. Chat on Skype or Facetime. Send text messages or start a WhatsApp group for your besties. It will help you to feel more supported and less alone.

Contact Student Services if You’re Struggling

Every college has counsellors and pastoral care student services. They are there to help students who are struggling with practical and emotional issues. Don’t avoid your problems if things are tough. Talk to a student counsellor and ask for help. It’s their job to make it easier for you and provide solutions to the problems you are experiencing.

Make an Effort to Socialize

It’s hard to make friends, but if you are overseas and you don’t speak the language fluently, it’s even harder. For this reason, you need to make more of an effort to mingle with your fellow students. Join groups. Find other students from your home country and hang out with them. You might not like all of them, but there’s bound to be a few you get on with.

Join interest groups so you have something in common with the people you’re hanging with. It’s a great conversation ice breaker.

Surviving college overseas does not have to be a tall order. You can survive and thrive if you follow the steps above. Don’t forget to schedule a few days when your parents or besties can come and visit. Plan what you’ll show them so you have this to look forward to.

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