4 Fastest-Growing Online Careers in 2020

Even before the current health situation hit the world and enormously changed the way we’re living, there has been a rising trend of building careers online and working remotely. In the last five year, some of the sectors such as IT, have almost completely shifted to the online world. Not to mention that such a trend led to new careers which are proving to be extremely profitable. For instance, girls that work on cam sites are said to earn $200-1000 a month on average.

That’s why we’ve decided to create a list of four fastest-growing online careers in 2020, which will mostly likely predominate in the next few years as well.

#1 Online Tutor

If you or one of your friends have kids, you must have heard them talking about their child’s tutor. After all, with the whole world staying at home and looking for more secure ways to continue with their daily routine, it was quite obvious that the education as we know it will also change. Online tutoring is becoming one of the most profitable online careers and it’s the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge with those who need it.

Whether you are a straight A student or have finished college, you will easily find your clientele. Think about the subject you love and are good in, and start offering your services on job platforms. Make sure you research if there’s a platform in your country as this can help you get clients more easily that registering on best platforms in the world.

#2 Personal Trainer

The need to live healthier has never been so big as it is today. We watch what we eat, how and how much we exercise and trying to live without stress in general. This leads to an incredible growth in demand for personal trainers. If you have always had a healthy lifestyle and you enjoy working out, why not turn it into your career?

Just keep in mind there are already a lot of personal trainers working online, so try to find something that will make you a bit different from the rest. After getting your certificate, you can think about investing in social media campaigns or you can have an engaging website with educational videos that will encourage everyone to contact you.

#3 Virtual Assistant

If you have some basic skills such as using excel and Gmail, don’t think there’s no hope for you in the online world. Being a virtual assistant (VA) can assure you some great money simply by performing basic office tasks and helping companies to keep their daily work under control.

This is also a great option for all of those who wouldn’t like to work 40 hours per week, but to be more in control of their hours. Many companies are just looking for someone who can work five hours per week just taking calls and answering emails. Moreover, this can be an excellent opportunity for those looking for a second job to increase their monthly income a little bit.

#4 Cam Girl

Cam girls are becoming one of the top professions in the online world thanks to the incredible amount of money these girls are earning. If you’re unfamiliar with this expression, a cam girl or a web model is a person who performs adult services for the clients on the cam sites. It’s up to these girls to determine how much they wish to reveal about themselves, so if you’re worried about the privacy aspect, you can decide to be a cam girl that will never show their face.

You will find many different types of cam girls and one of these might actually help you pay your student loan or save up money for your first apartment. Before you start working as a cam girl, make sure you do proper research and find the right website where you will offer your services. Also, don’t forget to read or talk to other girls who are already working as cam girls as their experience might be of great value for you!


One thing is for certain, we can expect to see more online careers in the upcoming years as many companies are moving their work online ensuring their employees security and more flexibility while working. If none of these careers interest you, start looking for a short-term projects to discover where your hidden talents lie and make the most of them!

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