4 Flexible Side Hustles For College Students

Getting through college requires hard work, dedication, and, let’s put it frankly—money.

It can be hard to find a full-time or part-time job that will work around your school hours. However, several side hustles nowadays allow you to make your own schedule.

Here are four side hustles to earn a little extra cash.

1. Freelance Work

Are you the creative type? Do you excel in web development, writing, or graphic design? If so, freelance gigs are an excellent way to earn some extra mula.

Browse through job offerings looking for self-employed individuals. These typically allow you to set your own hours and often look for college-educated individuals.

When filing taxes for freelance work, get in touch with an accountant like MI Tax CPA. You will likely have to pay the self-employment tax required by the IRS. A quality CPA will discuss options with you, giving you the best possible outcome.

2. Start a Blog

We’ve all wanted to start a blog at some point. And, why shouldn’t we? They are profitable, fun, and give us a way to express ourselves.

Blogs are an easy way to make money; however, it takes time before you start seeing income rolling in to the point that it is sustainable. Most bloggers start earning money around six months. It depends on how many streams of revenue you’re using.

Consider the following when starting your blog:

  • Choose a niche you’re interested in
  • Join an affiliate marketing program
  • Offer services or sell digital products
  • Write sponsored product reviews

3. Dog Walking

Research has shown that dogs offer several health benefits. Just petting a dog can help reduce blood pressure. These furry animals also encourage us to be more active and social.

If you’re a fan of dogs and wouldn’t mind the perks of having one, consider dog walking. While you won’t get to take the dog home with you, you’ll be able to spend some time with them every day and earn yourself some extra cash.

Some people may go as far as needing you to dog sit. It means spending a few hours at their home watching over their pet.

4. Sell Your Clothing

Have too much unworn clothing just sitting in our closet? Many of us do.

There are several places to sell gently worn clothing online. Consider apps like Mercari, Poshmark, or Tradesy. Here, you can make extra money by posting pictures of your items and mailing them to the recipient once they sell.

If you don’t have clothing of your own to sell, you can always consider thrifting and reselling. This option is terrific if you have an eye for fashion. You can even sell great finds to classmates around you.

Make Extra Cash While Studying

Your main objective while in college is graduating. However, these four gigs are sure-fire ways to earn a little extra income and make your college journey easier.

Consider freelancing, starting a blog, dog walking, or selling clothing online when in a pinch. You got this!

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