4 Tips To Increase Writing Productivity

Some are incredible when it comes to writing. They are machines. Others are not and cannot write fast or good essays or even online articles. This is ok and nothing to worry about because writing productivity is not something that comes as a natural process for most people. In fact one of my good friends Sarah (who is now the lead content writer for Credit Control) said it took her years to develop her writing skills to a high level.

It is important to work hard and to exercise so you can improve. This is why, although you might think “help, someone write my essay for me”, the tips below can help you.

Start By Selecting Your Topic

Writer’s block happens when you have no idea what to write about but it can also happen when you have way too much to say. You cannot put all your thoughts into writing and expect something that is comprehensive. This is especially true when you write for school.

When trying to add every single thought you have, the result is unfocused. Also, your writing is slower since you need to figure out exactly how to make everything sound relevant. You will often lose even more time in the future as you end up deleting a large part of the text as you figure out it is not relevant.

Prepare Facts, Then Write

Basically, this means you should do your research first and find the facts you need to write something very good. Gather all the information and you will know what you have to include and what you do not.

Before writing, jot down your notes. Facts do not need to be memorized. A simple text file on your computer or a notebook app on your smartphone is more than enough for this process.

Create A Structure

Many writers believe that writing does not have rules but this is just a myth. Every single piece of writing requires structure. This includes blog posts, short stories, news, articles, novels, and practically everything written.

The structure can be a Q&A, a shorter narrative, a number list, or bullet points, just to mention some options. It is needed because it helps to outline what you write and it does not have to be as formal as what you used in school. Basically, you want to take your ideas and/or facts to then arrange them in an appropriate order, the one that should appear when you finish writing. The structure you build has to be used as a guide.

When you have a set structure, you do not end up trapped by linear writing.

Eliminate All Distractions When Writing

This does sound very easy but it is quite hard. Even though you may be tempted stop writing and look for online jobs for college students, it is important to stay focused. Various distractions will stop you from writing or will at least slow you down. Contrary to what many think, multitasking only slows down your writing. This is because the process requires undivided attention when you want to finish it as soon as possible.

The best thing you can do is to put your phone on mute, turn off your TV set, close all tabs with social networks, close the email program you use, and then start writing. When you remove distractions, you can focus only on the writing, which drastically increases productivity.

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