5 Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language for Career Growth

“A different language is a different vision of life,” according to Federico Fellini. Globalization made us want to improve our life through different opportunities worldwide. Globalization is defined as the growing interdependence of the world’s economies, cultures, and populations, and one of the best ways to adapt to this is by learning a foreign language.

How far does learning a foreign language take you? Learning a foreign language will fulfill our desires and give us benefits and perks for our career growth, which is timely and relevant to adapt to the global trends and improve the quality of life.

Increase Job Opportunities

Marketing, tourism, sales, banking, education, communication, law, name it! There are many doors for new job opportunities worldwide that can be opened when you learn a foreign language.

Being able to speak in a foreign language will give you an edge over monolingual candidates. The world has been fast improving; that is why the demand for multilingual and bilingual professionals has also been increasing, and you can be one of them.

Ace Job Interviews

“Tell me a little about yourself.” “What are your biggest weaknesses?”, “What are your biggest strengths?”. These are some of the commonly asked questions in job interviews, and everyone applying for the job had prepared for this. But, what will set you apart from other candidates is your ability to speak in the native language of the country where the company is located.

You don’t have to be as fluent as native speakers. You just have to learn some essential words and phrases first, like greetings, saying thank you, and apologizing. You might try some online language lessons to help in this process. In addition, knowing the native language of that country will give an impression to the employer that you are sincere in applying for the job and you are respecting their culture.

High Chances of Promotion

Some jobs are not explicitly language-related but if you learn a new language it could be an asset. If you can speak foreign languages and have experience with different cultures, you will have a higher chance for promotion.

Large companies need someone who can travel to different countries to close deals and make business transactions. For smaller companies, they need someone to explore more opportunities abroad to expand their business. Whether you’re working in a large or small company, being able to do business abroad using foreign languages is an edge among others.

Better Pay

Learning foreign languages can make your salary higher because you can close deals with other countries. Bilingual or multilingual employees are in high demand, and they will offer you a pretty good salary. You can also use this as a sideline. But, keep in mind that these jobs require more expertise, more profound knowledge, and a deeper understanding of the language. Jobs that are specifically language-related include language teacher, translator, interpreter, and a lot more.

To achieve expertise, you need to study or seek professional help like enrolling in a class, hiring a tutor, reading books, or using language learning apps like Ling App. This might make you release a huge amount of money at first, but the return of an investment will be all worth it when you have gained expertise.

Builds Strong Work Relationships

One factor that will make you stay and love your job is the workplace. Suppose you are working for an international company that has employees from different countries. In that case, you might be able to build strong connections that may lead to wider opportunities in the business world.

Learning foreign languages requires a lot of your time, effort, and commitment. It is not something that you can learn overnight. Some people spend almost years learning without planning how they will use it. So, with this information and tips you have learned, make sure that you are heading somewhere you can grow not only personally but also professionally.

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