5 Girl-Date Ideas for You and Your Besties On A Budget

No time invested in a friend is wasted, whether you’re battling enormous challenges together or sitting back and relaxing. But sometimes, meeting up can lead to more and more money being spent, especially when one glass turns into three at a swanky bar.

So why not mix it up and try something unique and new for your group or dynamic duo?

two mugs with coffee on table

1. Chill With a Cheese Board

Nothing speaks to the soul as well as cheese, so get your best friend or group of girls together and host a laid-back cheese, chill, and wine night at home. You can do this inside or outside, weather dependent. A significant advantage of this idea is that you can chill out how you relax best, whether with a vape in the garden and a glass of wine in hand or swapping out wine for water.

But does vaping make you tired? Chilling out with cheese and wine is all about relaxing, but if you find a vape or wine makes you too tired, you can make it a smoke-free and alcohol-free space to suit your and your friends’ needs. Just make sure you have plenty of bread at hand!

2. Paint and Wine

Sometimes, the best friendships are those where neither of you has to say a word. However, it can take over 200 hours together before a friend is a close friend. So why not optimize your quality time on a rainy day and invite a friend for some 1-on-1 painting-by-numbers?

3. Cooking Class

Eating well is crucial for overall physical and mental health, so prioritize yourself with your best friend and attend a cooking class. While not the cheapest option, one class is enough to teach you some basics and will get your brain working in a way it might not usually. From there, maybe you can start cooking fun meals together at home.

4. At-Home Spa

All you need is some facemasks, nail polish, pajamas, and (if you’re feeling fancy) cucumber. With some spa music in the background, you and your besties can pamper yourself in the small ways and make an evening of it.

And why not bring even more comfort with comfort food like a classic mac and cheese?

5. Movie Marathon

It is one of the least expensive options and one that will never fail, particularly if you and your best friend have had a long week on your feet. Get the duvets, the pillows, and the popcorn, and watch some of the fabulous 90s/00s romcoms to get you giggling and reminiscing.

Have you done this already? Spice it up by building a fort and put on a childhood classic instead. Grab the sweets you used to eat as kids and go full-nostalgia!

Final Thoughts

Spending time with your gals doesn’t have to be expensive. And prioritizing your girls is just as crucial as prioritizing time with your partners. So why not give one of these a try today and make some memories?

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