5 Items That Should be a Part of Your Self-care Routine This Year

These items can make a huge difference in your self-care routine.

With a new year comes a new set of resolutions. Everyone wants a chance to start fresh and to make the upcoming year better than the last. As a result, many people try to create a self-care routine for themselves. Being emotionally, mentally, and physically healthy is important for living a happy and fulfilled life.

Of course, implementing and maintaining a self-care routine is easier said than done. College can be an especially stressful time in one’s life. It becomes easy to put aside your self-care routine when you are buried beneath projects, essays, and exams. Personal struggles and social drama can also add extra weight to your shoulders. But it is possible to set aside time to nurture your health and create a self-care routine for yourself. Below are five must-have items to include in your self-care routine and how they can help you start the year off refreshed and energized.

Sleep Better With a Weighted Blanket

Reduce Anxiety and Enjoy Better Sleep

Weighted blankets have traditionally been used by members of the special needs community. Those on the autism spectrum, in particular, have benefitted from these special blankets. But recently, weighted blankets have grown in popularity in the mainstream market.

So what is a weighted blanket exactly? And how is it supposed to help with stress and anxiety?

The name itself is a pretty good indicator of what it is. Weighted blankets are filled with small objects such as pellets or beads. These objects add weight to the blanket and allow it to gently hug the user. Some blankets are made of cotton blended with weights so they feel more like a traditional duvet. The weight range for these blankets typically runs from 10 to 30 pounds, but a 15 lb weighted blanket should be appropriate for most adults.

The soothing pressure provided by the blanket reduces cortisol, the main stress hormone in the body, while encouraging the production of serotonin, a hormone associated with feelings of pleasure and happiness. The weight of the blanket also holds a user down and keeps them supported to ensure a good night’s sleep. Weighted blankets have been proven to be beneficial for people struggling with insomnia, chronic pain, and depression.

A weighted blanket can do wonders for one’s health. Image courtesy of Layla. 

A weighted blanket can do wonders for one’s health. Image courtesy of Layla.

Tune Out the World With Noise-Canceling Headphones

Take a Time to Zone Out 

Sometimes you need to tune out your surroundings and relax. Noise-canceling headphones are perfect for unwinding to soothing music and meditations. In fact, listening to music can increase your dopamine levels. It can also affect your breathing and heart rate. Think of how an upbeat song can instantly put you in a good mood or a soft lullaby can help you fall asleep.

We recommend assembling a “self-care” playlist for when you need to relax and take a break. Songs with a slow tempo and a bpm between 60-80 will help lower your heart rate. You can even find the bpm of a song to see whether it matches the necessary tempo for your playlist.

Music can be quite calming for the soul.

Use a Journal for Self-Reflection

Track Everything From Your Mood to Your Emotions

Writing everything down – your feelings, moods, thoughts –  can help you address any ongoing issues in your life. It’s a way to purge everything going on in your mind onto paper. There is no need to be neat or grammatically correct. You are simply collecting your thoughts.

Purchasing a fun journal that matches your style and personality can be a fun motivator for writing in it at least once a day. It may be challenging at first to remember to consistently right in it. However, once you build a routine around updating it, it will become second hand for you.

There are a variety of lists and prompts you can write on, including:

  • A mood tracker
  • A list of things you are grateful for
  • A log tracking your water intake
  • A list of things you like about yourself
  • A general list of things that are on your mind

Writing about these things can help you ground yourself and identify what your self-care needs are.

Journaling can be a cathartic and effective self-care method. Sometimes when this isn’t enough you may want to try something like https://www.rehab.com/colorado that helps to connect patients with providers for mental health, physical therapy and addiction treatment.  Different solutions work for different people.

Light Up the Room With an Aromatherapy Candle

A Nice Scent Can Boost Your Mood

Did you know that lavender can reduce stress, anxiety, and even mild pain? Scents associated with positive memories, such as one’s childhood home or a past vacation, have also been proven to relax us and put us in great moods.

Even something as simple as lighting the candle and watching the flame slowly flicker can be soothing. It is mesmerizing in the same way that watching a waterfall or slow animation is. We find ourselves focusing on a single object, which subconsciously relaxes our body.

You can even incorporate your candles into other aspects of your self-care routine. Lighting up a candle as you listen to music or slip into a bath can make a huge difference.

When shopping for candles, check out these popular scents:

  • Vanilla
  • Rose
  • Jasmine

Don’t be afraid to get several different scents for your candle collection.

Bath Bombs for a Luxurious Bubble Bath

A Relaxing Bath Can Work Wonders for the Inner Soul

Bath bombs are a must-have for any bath routine. Most are packed with essential oils to soften the skin and luscious scents to relax the mind.

When creating a self-care bath ritual for yourself, we recommend scheduling out time for your baths. Whether you put aside 30 minutes or an hour for your bath, you can spend the whole time relaxing rather than worrying about any upcoming projects or deadlines. Adding music or a good book to read can maximize the benefits of your relaxation time.

Who doesn’t need a nice, soothing bubble bath every once in a while?

Achieving prime emotional, mental, and physical health does not happen overnight. It takes time, consistency, and patience. Don’t lose hope over having to continually work at it. It is a different journey for everyone!

What items do you have in your self-care routine? Let us know in the comments!

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