5 Online Learning Tips For Students

The health crisis has left many students across the globe attending their lecturers and seminars online. If you’re starting university in September, it’s likely that at least your first term will take place remotely. Online learning can be tough to adjust to at first, here are a few simple tips to help you make the best of it.

Create the right space

First up, you’ve got to create the perfect work from home space, to increase your chances of productivity. Start by decluttering the area, a messy room is a huge distraction. You’ll need a desk, an ergonomic chair and enough space for your books. Remember to position your computer monitor at arms length from your body, and ensure that the top of the monitor is level with your eyes. Plants are a useful decoration to boost productivity, and colourful artwork can help to lift your mood.

Retain your focus

It’s generally more difficult to concentrate at home, so you’ve got to work a little harder at retaining your focus. Try to minimize the distractions around you, and give the online lessons your full attention. Use apps like Toogl to temporarily block websites that may distract you. Keep your phone away from the desk so you aren’t distracted by notifications or social media. Practice any rituals which help boost your concentration, whether it’s going to sleep earlier, or getting your morning coffee. Using a journal can help to plan your day and improve your study skills. It’s likely that studying online will also help you to improve your concentration and self discipline.

Classmate hangouts

Plan online catch ups with your classmates, you can use video chats to discuss your course and socialize. Group catch ups can be useful to ask questions, clarify assignments, and boost your morale. Platforms like Zoom are helpful to conduct these video meetings. Other video conferencing platforms include Google Hangouts Webex or Jitsi Meet. For those starting university in September, it’s a good idea to join Facebook groups. It’s likely that there’ll be a group for your course so you can make a few online friends.

Take enough breaks

It’s important to take enough breaks from study throughout the day, doing so will help you to recharge and boost your creativity. Whether it’s taking a walk, or watching a TV series, do whatever you need to help you unwind. If you tend to download your TV series, be sure to check out this list of best torrent sites from Troypoint.

Keep in touch with tutors

You won’t get to see your lecturers or tutors in person right now, but it’s still important to keep in touch. Don’t be afraid to contact them as often as you need to for guidance. Keeping in touch with both your tutors and classmates will help you to feel less alone through this learning experience. With plenty of tech at our fingertips, there are many ways to stay connected remotely. As much as possible, try to enjoy your online learning experience.

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