5 Simple Ways To Make A Tiny Studio Feel Like Home

You are just a couple of months away from moving out of your parent’s house. But you are still struggling to find the right place. You can’t afford an apartment, and the high-rise living is not your cup of tea either.

That leaves you with the option of a studio apartment. But how do you live in a small space without feeling stifled?

Here in this blog, we have listed the various ways in which you can design your studio apartment in a way that it feels more spacious and less stuffy, and you feel at ease.

Let’s go

Use A Bookshelf As A Room Divider

With the openness of a studio apartment, it can be hard to establish a floor plan on how best to utilize your space.

Instead of being completely overwhelmed with the lack of privacy, perhaps you should install some kind of boundary – like, for instance, using bookshelves as a way to restrict where you want different activities to happen.

This way, you can design your living area and create those private spaces such as your bedroom.

Get A Day Bed

If you don’t have enough space for a full-size bed, why not try using a day bed?

At night, you can use it as your bed, and in the morning, move it back into position and throw some quilts or pillows on top of it as a couch for when your friends come by.

This strategy saves space and has the added benefit of looking both stylish and interesting!

To save even more money, remember that many stores sell cotton fabric online or all kinds of materials cheaper than your local fabric store. So, you can customize cushion covers with fabrics you choose; you can make your day bed look like a regular couch.

Get A Loft

If you have high ceilings in your studio apartment, you may want to consider maximizing your space by building a loft.

You can create a sleeping area in the above bunk-bed, and the space beneath that can become an office (it can even become your living area).

Use Adaptable Furniture

As living areas get more expensive, studio apartments are becoming increasingly popular.

To that end, it seems that ‘adaptable’ furniture is also quite in vogue.

For example, tables that can be folded up or put against a wall when not used to give more floor space are fantastic.

These multi-functional pieces of furniture seem to offer an answer to the problem of limited living area you find in a studio apartment.

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to your furniture. Remember that the more uses you get out of furniture, the more useful it is given the limited space of a studio apartment.

Always Avoid Clutter

In a studio apartment, the feeling of being cluttered can come very easily, given that there is only one open space.

To avoid the clutter, you don’t have the option to shop your mess into other rooms like with normal apartments. This makes finding a solution to getting rid of clutter primary.

One trick to remember here is that hidden storage is your best friend. Anywhere you can shove your keys and wallets—in baskets, or foldable hanging shelves are all great for you!

Also, along with hidden storage, you can adopt a minimalist approach when shopping – i.e., see if you have enough storage space before purchasing something.


We designed this blog post to help you with decorating your studio apartment.

We know that your studio apartment can be small, but that doesn’t mean that the decor can’t be splendid!


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