5 Student Part-Time Jobs That Pay More Than Minimum Wage

For the typical student, part-time work involves a job in the food industry or retail. While serving jobs can be profitable thanks to tips, they can’t always be relied on. Without them, you’re stuck making minimum wage. Likewise, while retail jobs offer things like in-store discounts, they also tend to only pay minimum wage.

While they might seem harder to find, jobs that pay more than minimum wage are available to students. The best part about making a higher wage is that you can make the same amount of money in fewer hours, leaving more time for your studies. Here are five part-time jobs to consider that make more than minimum wage.

Freelance writing

Do you enjoy writing and have a history of receiving good grades on essays? Freelance writing may be a great job opportunity for you. As long as you can sell yourself, keep track of assignments, and produce quality writing in a short time frame, you can succeed at freelance writing. In addition to setting your own wage and hours, you can work remotely.

There are many great blogs and online resources with tips for writing professionally. Check these out to see if freelance writing is for you.

Become a personal trainer

If you have a passion for health and fitness, consider getting an online fitness certification and offering personal training services. Most personal trainers make $20 per hour, making it well above minimum wage.

While training programs usually cost a few hundred dollars and take about a year, the wait is worth it. In addition to the monetary benefits, you’ll receive more satisfaction from helping people reach their fitness goals than you would working as a server or retail associate.

Tutor other students

If you have your own vehicle, tutoring is a great alternative to working in retail or food services. On average, you can expect to earn $25 per hour as a tutor. Tutoring is almost always in demand, and you can specialize in the fields you feel the most comfortable with.

If you enjoy working with kids, you can tutor grade school students. If kids aren’t really your thing, many university students look for peer tutors for classes they’re enrolled in.

Give language lessons

Do you speak another language? Consider teaching your language to others who are hoping to learn. While this may fall under tutoring, most schools don’t teach languages outside of French, Spanish, and Latin. Offering online lessons for a less popular language can be a great way to make a little extra money from the comfort of your own home.

Sell products or services

If you have a creative product or service to offer others, monetizing this by creating a micro business is a great way to earn a little extra cash. Maybe you’re an artist and can sell your work on Etsy, or maybe you’re an amazing vegan baker.

While it can take a little time to get a business up and running, once you’ve established a small client-base, the money will roll in.

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