5 Ways to Create the Best College Movie Night

When you are at school, you are always looking for simple ways to have fun. It is a big stress reliever to be able to just forget about your responsibilities and just relax and have fun.

Movie nights are great because they can happen at any time of the year, so whether you want to host one when the semester is in full swing or if you and the few friends who are around over the summer break want to get together it will be a good time.

What makes for a great movie night experience? Here are just a few ideas.

Good Movie/Show

Every movie night is better if you watch something that is enjoyable. Have you ever watched a movie and upon finishing feel like you wasted your time? Luckily, even if you watch something that is less than great, it can still be enjoyable with friends.

It doesn’t have to be a movie. Watching The Office with a bunch of friends is super fun, and ultimately will turn you into a real college student.


No movie is complete without great snacks. Popcorn, candy, and soda are classic snacks to grab. If your movie night is not limited by what the movie theater decides to serve, you can have a ton of fun.

You can make food like pizza or chicken. You can bake desserts, or go all out for an ice cream sundae bar. I promise the experience will be so much more fun by having good food to go along with your movie.


Being able to find the ideal movie-watching spot is also a great advantage of hosting a movie night. Some student housing complexes even have lounges or theater rooms to make the experience all the better. Seriously, a private theater for just you and your friends.

When it is warm out, setting up a projector screen or thick, white sheet could be a great option for an outdoor movie.


The problem with movie theaters is that not everyone gets ideal seating. Unless you have a ton of friends, that won’t be an issue for you. Everyone can gather around the TV and see easily. I’ve seen some people who will put risers or cinder blocks under a couch to create stadium seating, where everyone gets the perfect seats.

Let’s be real here, the most fun way to watch a movie in a smaller group would be to make a giant blanket fort and then watch. College students are kids at heart, let us have our fun.


One of the things that will make the movie night really enjoyable is the atmosphere. It may differ depending on what you are watching. If you are watching a comedy, make sure everyone is having fun, cut loose and laugh! If it is a horror or thriller movie, make sure that there are no unnecessary interruptions. Whatever the genre, make sure that everyone feels welcome and relaxed.


Movie nights are great opportunities to relax and have fun with friends. Whether you are watching something most of you have never seen before or something that you have all seen a million times, gathering friends for a fun evening of food and entertainment is a great way to overcome the college woes and have fun.

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