7 Money Saving Hacks This Holiday Season

So the holiday season is getting closer, and while we are all getting pretty excited, many of us can’t help but worry about our bank balance. If you’re a millennial who tends to overspend around Christmas, you’re not alone! Whether it’s gifts, festive nights out, or that cute Christmas jumper you just had to have, let’s consider a couple of money-saving hacks to ease the holiday stress.

1 . Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a fab way to save on those gifts. If you’ve got a big friendship group, it might feel like you’ve just got too many people to buy for. Suggest the game and use an online secret santa generator to set it up. Online generators are great because they’ll let everyone know who to buy for via email. There’s no hassle of having to meet up before the gift-giving (which is handy when you all live in different places)! Secret santa can also be a great solution for you and your family, and you can set the budget as high or low as you like.

2. Party at home

Around Christmas, it can feel like there are so many old friends to catch up with. Of course, we’re not complaining about the prospect of all those drinks out, but it can get a little expensive! To save a little money, why not keep your holiday gatherings in the house this season? Buy in some prosecco and snacks, grab a few festive board games and ditch those expensive nights at crowded bars. This holiday season- make staying in the new going out.

3. Make some gifts

Making gifts is a surefire way to save yourself a few dollars plus really make someone’s day with a sentimental present. Why not make a photo collage for someone special in your family? Or, if you’re a whizz at cooking, whip up a few tasty treats for a Christmas hamper? Perhaps you’re a bit crafty a could make something great by drawing or knitting? Whatever hidden talents you’ve got- now’s the time to call upon them to keep your finances in order.

4. Discount codes

If making gifts doesn’t quite plan out- you might have to hit the shops. The good news is, there are plenty of discount codes out there if you know where to find them. The best thing to do is to download the free chrome extension ‘Honey’ before you start your online shopping. Honey searches thousands of shops across the web to find you the best savings, promotions, and deals. It takes the hassle out of having to locate these deals all by yourself! You’ll save money and a bit of time too.

5. Bring your own

Entertaining guests at your home can quickly get very expensive. Many of us end up overbuying food and drink (but of course, there’s nothing left either way)! To save yourself some money this season don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring something with them. Ask everyone to bring at least one bottle of wine, or one snack food item to contribute. Every little helps, and you can do the same when you attend gatherings too.

6. Black Friday

Black Friday is almost upon us, and so there’s still time to get some seriously great deals. Of course, it’s pretty busy to venture out to the shops (and perhaps only for the brave). Never fear, online shopping will still get you some awesome deals. Shopping from the comfort of your own home is, of course, more fun. (Mainly because you can do it in your PJs or perhaps with a cheeky glass of wine).

7. Simply budget

If you really want to save money, the easiest way to do it is to budget. First, you’ll want to budget your normal monthly expenses so you have an idea of how much you can spend. Next, factor in any savings you have for the Christmas season. When it comes to Christmas, it pays to start saving early (but of course it’s a little too late if you forgot)! Sometimes, we just can’t get a workable budget- because we don’t have enough money saved. In these instances, it’s best to call for backup. Sites like snappypaydayloans.com can be a good go-to for those in need of a little financial support.

Once you’ve got all your budgeting and shopping done, it’s high time to chill on the sofa with some of your fav Christmas movies.

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