9 Important Questions to Ask Yourself Before Getting a Pet

Whether you’re a college student and you’re looking for the best pets around, or maybe you’re just feeling a little lonely and want some company, pets are truly the best thing for this. They’re sweet, filled with love, and nurturing them honestly feels like one of the greatest gifts in the world. However, as almost everyone knows, or at least should know, pets are a big responsibility. Sure, they’re only going to be a fraction of your life, but you’re going to be their entire life. So they deserve nothing but the best in their short lifespan. Since this is such a commitment, some pets, like cats and dogs, live up to twenty years, so you’re going to need to ask yourself some important questions.

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Are You Ready for a Pet?

Bringing a pet into your home can be an exciting and rewarding experience for the entire family. However, it is important to ensure that you are ready for the commitment before pursuing this option. A pet will need to be cared for daily, which can require a lot of time and effort. Make sure that you are ready for the responsibility and will be able to handle daily walks, feedings, grooming, playtime, etc. Even those that are in cages are still going to need a lot of attention.

A pet can also bring up underlying tensions in a relationship, so it is important to ensure that you and your partner (or family) are both committed to the decision. You will also want to consider any major changes that may occur in your life, such as a new job, marriage, children, or long-distance move, before bringing a pet into the mix. Remember, a pet needs a lot of time and care, maybe not the same as an infant or child but just about as much.

Are You Able to Properly Take Care of the Pet?

Pets require daily care, such as feeding and exercise. Dogs need frequent outdoor walks, and cats need regular litter changes. If you have roommates, make sure they’re willing to help with these tasks. Puppies and kittens need hands-on attention for their early days, including potty training. If you travel often or work long hours, you’ll need a sitter or kennel drop-off for your pet.

Also, consider future plans for your family, such as kids going off to college or aging into assisted living. Your decision to get a pet is for life, and you need to be prepared for that. Having a solid plan in place helps ensure the best for your pet. Also, if you work a lot or travel a lot for work, would this even be a good idea? They’ll be cooped up alone at home, which is very inhumane.

Can You Even Afford a Pet?

It’s not only about time and energy to invest in a pet, but it’s also going to be about money too. Taking on pet ownership isn’t something that should be done lightly. The cost of pet food, grooming, toys, veterinary care, and more will add up. It’s important to make sure that you can afford these expenses and have a backup plan in case of emergencies. While yes, all of these initial costs (adoption fees, for example) are expensive, the general care for weekly food doesn’t need to be.

However, so many pet owners forget about vet visits. Not just for checkups, but are you going to be able to afford the hundreds, if not thousands, for your pet if they need surgery or a major illness? Medical pet care can be just as expensive as human medical care. You wouldn’t skip taking your kids to get medical attention, so why would you for your pet?

Are You Able to Provide a Sufficient Home/ Shelter?

Getting a pet can be a wonderful experience. But it is important to consider whether or not you are able to provide a home for the pet you want to adopt. This includes having a safe and secure area for the animal, such as a yard or apartment. It also means having the time to dedicate to daily care and attention. Dogs require daily exercise and play, while cats need frequent interaction. A lot of people think it’s as easy as getting a pet from this website and then just keeping them outside with some food and water, and that’s not sufficient care. They need shelter; they need to be protected from the weather. They need to be properly cared for.

Can You Set Up an Area in Your Home for Your Pet?

Yes, pets are wonderful companions who bring joy and love to our lives, but it’s important to examine whether or not you’re ready for the pockets of frustration that come along with owning a pet (like having to take your dog outside on rainy days or having a cat walk across your keyboard while working). Are you willing to adjust your lifestyle in order to provide the best home for your pet? They’re going to need a proper setup in your home. Whether it’s a caged hamster or a cat tree in the corner of the house, animals are going to need a proper space for themselves.

Do You Have Enough Time?

Bringing home a pet requires an investment of time. Dogs need daily outdoor exercise, and cats require frequent litter changes and playtime. You also have to consider your schedule and whether or not you will be able to spend time with your new family member during the day. They need daily interaction and exercise. Sure, some folks have hired either pet sitters when they’re away from home or have even hired a dog walker to help relieve the dog’s energy. Having these services are fantastic, but you still need to make actual time to spend with your dog (or any pet for that matter), or else they can become depressed or will even try to run away.

Do You Have Enough Space in Your Home for a Pet?

Unless you’re going for a small mouse or hamster, you’re going to need to consider the amount of space you have available. Even apartments without backyards can be a bad decision as so many animals love being in nature. What if they want to play indoors? All of this needs to be put into consideration.

Are You Able to Adopt a Pet?

What this means is, can you go to a shelter and pay an adoption fee and rescue the pet, or would you rather have a special breed or special species that requires a special breeder?  Pets end up in shelters for many reasons, from owner abandonment and neglect to being lost or found as strays. Taking in an animal from a shelter gives them a new lease on life, and you’re giving them the love they deserve. Find out more about your prospective pet’s background and medical history. This will help you understand the pet’s behavior and what they may need.

Are You Ready for a New Lifestyle?

You’ll have to pay attention to them; you’ll have to give them a lot of love. Bringing a pet into your life is a huge lifestyle commitment. It can change your schedule, how much you spend on food and supplies, and how active your day-to-day life is. Are you willing to make sacrifices for them, like walking them when it’s cold? Are you willing to cancel a vacation because they’re sick? Are you able to love them even when they make you mad?

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