Are You A Bad Driver?

All new drivers are eager to get out there and be on the road. They want to go from A to B in their own car and not be chauffeured by anyone else ever again. The problem with new drivers is that they are often over-confident about their abilities. While there is nothing wrong with a certain level of confidence on the road, it’s a problem if you stop being a good driver and you become too cocky about your abilities – that’s when confidence becomes dangerous.

Have you ever considered whether you are a bad driver? You may not yet have had a cause to call the specialists in auto claims cases, but that doesn’t mean that you have escaped a car accident in life. No one wants to think about being in a crash, but you need to know whether you are a bad driver to tell whether you will ever be in one. Take a look down the list below; if you match any of these behaviors, it’s time to get it right.

  1. You cannot park to save your life. It’s not hard to park a car, and if you cannot park within the lines of a car parking space, then you perhaps need to take a few more lessons.
  2. If you are currently driving a manual gearbox, you’re going to find yourself needing to use the clutch. However, you shouldn’t be riding the clutch and wearing it out. Leave the clutch alone unless you’re using it to change gear.
  3. There is nothing good for your car about being heavy with the brakes. Slamming the brakes just to stop – not in an emergency – is a sure-fire way to wear down your brakes and it’s not good for your passengers.
  4. You don’t need to touch the gearstick if you’re not changing gear. Move your hand away from it so that you are not tempted to move the gears at all.
  5. If you’re not paying attention to the road, you’re going to be making a lot of unnecessary stops. Pay attention and you won’t be wasting your fuel. Good drivers know what’s going on!
  6. If you’re crossing your arms as you turn your wheel is a bad habit that you need to get out of – ASAP. Always hold the steering wheel properly so that you can keep good control of the car. If you cross your arms to turn, you’re going to lock yourself and could get into a crash.
  7. Do you know what you don’t need to do while driving? Instagram stories. SnapChat. TikTok. Turn it off and stop using social media while you’re driving. You do not need to be connected and showing off with filters while in control of a car.

A bad driver is one who doesn’t correct his or her own mistakes.

If you notice that you are behaving badly behind the wheel, then correct yourself. Own your mistake and do better next time. It’s not easy to drive on the road these days, so why not just make life easier for yourself?

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