Assessing the State of Job Security for Nurses in Today’s Healthcare

As the world changes, many young professionals are beginning to question their job paths. Specifically, how secure their chosen professions actually are. In addition, many of those choosing what to study are now wondering which choices are the most secure.

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In healthcare, the case is no different. In particular, many young professionals intending to pursue a career in nursing are now wondering if this is a prudent choice in the evolving economy. Gaining an understanding of the nursing field’s job security in the current healthcare landscape is key to developing an accurate perspective on ways the world is evolving.

Here is assessing the state of job security for nurses in today’s healthcare.

Understanding Nursing Shortages

Over the last several decades, nursing shortages have steadily risen across the country. As a result, many healthcare facilities are constantly understaffed and searching for ways to fill nursing positions. For nurses, and those intent on pursuing careers as nurses, this has both positive and negative impacts.

In terms of job availability, nursing shortages can make it easier for nurses to gain employment at various healthcare facilities. This is true for both veteran nurses and those just beginning their careers in healthcare. However, like with many other career paths, nurses with more experience and credentials typically have an easier time finding great nursing positions than their beginner counterparts.

While it may seem like the nursing shortage is making a career in nursing seem more secure, it is also having a negative impact on the field as well. Specifically, when facilities reach a severe level of being understaffed, they face the risk of shutting down. As such, nurses working in facilities that are struggling to fill nursing positions may be at risk of losing their jobs.

Ultimately, however, it seems as if the nursing shortage is actually a factor that makes the nursing profession more secure. In addition, the nursing field is estimated to grow significantly over the next several decades, adding another valuable layer of security to the field for aspiring nurses.

Room for Specialization and Advancement in Nursing

Though nursing shortages are one of the most significant factors making nursing an incredibly secure career path, it is far from the only one. Another considerable factor is room for nurses to pursue specialization and advancement.

In nursing, there are many paths that one can take. For many, this path begins with becoming a registered nurse and gaining work experience. After this, many choose to specialize or pursue an advanced nursing role.

For nurses intent on pursuing more advanced roles, there are some popular and lucrative choices. Some of the most common advanced nursing roles that are pursued include that of nurse practitioners, who are helping alleviate the pressure of healthcare professional shortages, and travel nurses, who command a lucrative salary due to their ability to utilize their skills wherever there is a need.

While many nurses seek more advanced positions, others look for specialties that they can pursue. In nursing, there is a wide breadth of specialty choices for nurses to choose from. Some common specialties include the roles of nurse educator and nurse anesthetist. In addition, new specialties are sprouting in the field, such as nursing informaticists who perform a wide range of healthcare data-related tasks.

In terms of job security, the ability to grow into new positions makes nursing an extremely secure field. In addition, it allows one to explore new paths as one gains more experience and skills as a nurse.

The Evolving Role of Nurses

Though the positions that nurses fill are still secure in the modern healthcare landscape, their traditional roles and duties are quickly evolving. Specifically, the integration of new technologies and processes is quickly changing the ways nurses work and provide care to the patients they serve.

One way that the role of nurses is evolving is in their duties. Specifically in taking the lead in caring for patients in a significant way. Much like the nursing shortage has become increasingly worrisome over the last decade, so has the shortage of physicians. As a result, nurses are increasingly expected to pick up the slack where necessary and ensure that patients are receiving the care that they require.

In addition to adopting more duties and responsibilities, nurses are now tasked with learning how to use new healthcare technology. This ranges from computer programs meant to streamline healthcare processes to new machinery used to administer medicine and take patient vitals.

However, while the role of the nurse is steadily evolving, it is also maintaining its status as a secure and impressive career field. As time goes on and the healthcare sector continues to evolve in different ways, it’s likely that nursing will continue to be a secure field for aspiring professionals.

Nursing Continues to Be a Secure Field in Spite of Changes

Nursing has undergone a plethora of changes over the last several decades. These changes range from changing duties to changing tools. In spite of the many factors affecting the nursing field, nursing job roles continue to be as secure as ever.

For those who aspire to step into a nursing role in the future, everything indicates that this is a prudent decision that will result in a stable and secure career.

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