Before Your Next Rideshare, Consider These Uber Passenger Safety Tips

In the past two decades, Uber has become increasingly popularized and has taken over the traditional taxi industry. Whether you are taking an Uber ride to get around while traveling in a new city, or to get a sober ride home after a night of drinking, rideshare services like Uber have become a reliable form of transportation for many people. The convenience of requesting a ride through a mobile app has revolutionized the transportation industry, however has also come with safety concerns. Staying vigilant and following these Uber safety tips can help ensure a safe Uber ride and prevent dangerous situations from occurring.

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Before Getting in an Uber Ride

Before confirming your ride on the app, take a moment to review the driver’s ratings and reviews. Choosing a driver with more rides completed and a higher rating can help ensure a safer experience. Before getting in an Uber, always verify that the driver and vehicle details match the information provided on the app. Double-check the driver’s name, photo, and license plate number shown in the app matches the car and the driver that arrives. This safety precaution helps you confirm that you’re getting into the correct vehicle and that the driver is legitimate. Looking for an Uber decal or signage on the car can also be helpful to confirm its authenticity.

Once you have requested a ride on the app, wait in a safe location. Especially if you are alone, the best safety practice is to wait for your Uber in a well-lit and populated area, or somewhere indoors. It is important to avoid standing alone in dimly lit or secluded areas on the street to prevent looking vulnerable to potential predators.

When traveling alone, consider sharing your trip details with a friend or family member. Sharing details such as the driver’s name, license plate number, and estimated arrival time shown in the app can allow someone else to be aware of when to expect your arrival. This can also allow a family or friend to check in on you if anything suspicious or unusual happens during your ride.

Staying Safe During the Ride

When getting into an Uber, sit in the backseat rather than the front passenger seat. This allows for more personal space and distance between you and the driver. While a majority of Uber rides have been a safe experience for passengers, Uber sexual assault attorneys have handled cases in which victims have been assaulted by a driver, oftentimes when sitting in the front seat. Reports of sexual assault have given rise to safety concerns for many rideshare users. Sitting in the backseat is the best safety practice and an important precaution when taking an Uber ride.

During the ride, stay vigilant and avoid sharing personal information with the driver. Avoiding sharing details such as specifics of where you live and if you live with others or alone is important to protect your safety when being dropped off at your home.

Make sure to keep an eye on the road and pay attention to the route that the driver is taking. Staying aware of your surroundings and making sure that the driver is following the map to your destination shown on the Uber app can ensure you are being taken to the correct drop off location. Communicate with the driver if you notice they are taking an alternate route and have concerns.

Always remember to trust your instincts and speak up if anything feels wrong or uncomfortable. If you are in a situation in which the driver is making you feel unsafe, use the safety features provided by the Uber app, such as sharing your trip status and using the in-app emergency assistance option if needed.

How to Handle Emergency Situations

If during an Uber ride you experience an emergency situation in which your safety is at risk, remain calm and use the emergency assistance feature within the Uber app to contact authorities. Handling emergency situations during an Uber ride requires quick thinking and decisive actions. By staying calm and assessing the situation, you are more likely able to figure out the best and safest option to seek help.

If you feel unsafe during the ride, communicate with the driver and respectfully request them to stop the vehicle in a safe location. If possible, exit the vehicle and find a secure place to seek help. Dial 911 directly if there is an immediate threat to your safety or if you have been harmed. After ensuring your safety, report the incident to Uber, providing them with all relevant details, and if necessary, contact law enforcement to file a formal report.

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