Best Degrees for the Construction Industry

A career in construction can be an extremely lucrative one. While many contractor jobs don’t require a college degree, having an extended education can help you secure better employment options. Knowing about the different degrees in construction can help you make better decisions about your education and career goals.

Continue reading below to learn more about the various degrees in construction, along with a few job options they let you pursue.

What Is a Degree in Construction?

There are millions of full-time construction workers in the United States alone. Many of them come from different backgrounds and levels of education. But almost all of them have field experience and contracting licenses in common.

Some get their education from universities, whereas others use services like CTC (Contractor Training Center) to prepare for the national or state licensing exam.

Construction degrees confirm those who’ve completed a full study course in the construction industry are ready to take on top-tier jobs as contractors. Some course material consists of budgeting, engineering, and developing blueprints. Some schools even offer students apprenticeships so that students can get hands-on experience in the field.

Overall, having a college degree can help increase your chances of getting a better job in the industry.

Common Construction Degrees

There are various forms of qualifications in the contracting business. Whether you’re pursuing an Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree, knowing the different fields of study will help you choose a better path for your career. Here are some of the most common degrees:

Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology

This degree is worth pursuing if you’re looking for an entry-level position in the industry. During your studies, you’ll learn the basic skills needed to start a career as a contractor. You’ll take part in technical classes, workshops, and internships to get hands-on experience.

All you need for this program is a high school diploma. However, having prior construction experience will help you excel.

Bachelor’s of Science in Construction Management

A Bachelor of Science in Management opens various opportunities in both the commercial and residential sectors. Some students pursue a more general education, but you can also study more specialized sectors.

Here, you’ll learn everything from accounting to site surveying. The first portion of your education will likely be technical studies, but many schools will also provide field experience.

Master of Science in Construction Management

Earning a Master’s degree is a fantastic way to increase your earning potential. You’ll likely qualify for management positions right away, especially if you already have field experience. In this program, you’ll learn everything related to the industry, including standard business practices.

It’s a great choice if you hope to start your own contracting business or work with a leading company in the industry.

You need a Bachelor’s degree to pursue it, and you can have your degree within two years. It would also help to apply for an entry-level position at the company you hope to work with during your studies to help get your feet wet.

The Takeaway

A degree in construction management or technology can give you a leg up in a competitive industry. Find the right career path for you today and discover opportunities and profit tomorrow.

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