Biohacking – The Key To Physical & Cognitive Performance 

Biohacking is the process of enhancing the human body through various forms of improving your diet and lifestyle. In other words, it’s a mixture of biology and technology aimed at improving health and well-being through the latest technological and scientific hacks.

There is an array of biohacking techniques that have gained popularity in recent years. Many methods have been used for centuries to improve the human body.

Some biohackers rely on technology to engineer their own biology for optimal performance. People who are interested in biohacking often are looking to improve cognitive function, sleep patterns, athletic performance, and a list of other reasons why they want to perform optimally.

At a 50,000-foot view, some people make changes to their own bodies by following a healthy diet, doing yoga, meditating, or spending increasing time in nature… others are more drawn to explore unconventional ideas like young blood transfusions, synthetic biology, and genetic engineering.

Although biohacking techniques differ in methods and safety, they all seem to be aimed at improving physical and cognitive performance.

Is Biohacking Necessary?

Your diet for example is one of the most impactful choices you make everyday. Some people get so lost in wearables such as smartwatches and calorie intake monitors such as MyFitnessPal. However, dumbing it down to the risks involved in eating certain food can place a much more crucial role in your biology than trackers and gadgets.

Understanding your diet comes first but here are a few more ideas to help you with you biohacking self improvement journey:

Red Light Therapy

Plants aren’t the only creatures that rely on light as a source of energy; we humans also need light to function properly. For instance, vitamin D — which is vital to our psychological and physical well-being, can be produced by our bodies thanks to the sun.

The science behind this is pretty simple. In a specific range of light waves, our skin absorbs the photons from red and near-infrared wavelengths, alerting our nervous system and metabolism. The red light therapy method has a proven record of relieving pain and reducing inflammation. Some of the best red light therapy devices have been know to help with tissue repair, hair growth, sun damage avoidance, wrinkles, and joint pain.

Improving Brainwaves

Our brains are amazing. As we improve our bodies and work on creating a 2nd Brain, consistent sound waves can have a dramatic effect on our brainwaves. We have over 100 billion neurons sending and receiving messages every second. Activities we do, and things we listen to affect our focus and processing.

Music and certain sounds can induce a relaxed state. The method has become popular that you can access hand-vetted programs that fit your brain activity on websites such as

Alternatively, you can listen to your favorite playlist while working out, driving, or cooking your meals to feel more relaxed.

Nature & Hormones

Exploring the beauty of nature is another excellent method you can use to hack your system, especially if you’re under stress. Being in nature is scientifically proven to drop cortisol levels — the stress hormone that plagues many of us.

Cortisol is produced by our bodies to protect us from highly-stressful situations. However, if we’re under stress for a prolonged period, the hormone’s effect will work against us. The constant spike of cortisol can wreak havoc on immunity, blood pressure, and metabolic health.

That being said, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, it might be a good idea to take your barefoot shoes and go for a hike in the woods. We were meant to live in nature and interact with the ground on a daily basis.

If you are feeling down or out of balance, try going for a barefoot walk in the grass and take in some sun in the early morning. This may just have profound benefits on your energy and sleep habits.

The Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is a vast network of tissues and organs that help our bodies flush out toxins and eradicate infection. The system eliminates lactic acid that builds up from working out and naturally intense movements.

Biohacking the lymphatic system involves doing compression therapy to increase blood flow to certain areas of the body. The method is often used by athletes to speed up recovery after an injury.

Intermittent Fasting

In the last few years, heavy research has come out about intermittent fasting and its benefits. Researchers have found that intermittent fasting helps not only with losing fat but also with gaining muscle and increasing energy levels.

To clarify how intermittent fasting works, we should first explain the fed state and the fasted state. Simply put, the fed state is when you’re absorbing food. This state lasts for three to five hours after your last meal, during which insulin spikes while our body focuses on digestion.

The fasted state, on the other hand, is the period after those three to five hours. Fasting increases growth hormones level five times their normal rate, consequently boosting our metabolic rate. It has also been found to benefit the gut microbiome and allow you to maintain your ideal body weight better.

Whether you want to control your blood sugar, lose weight, improve your bone health, or just improve the way your body responds to stress, treating your body as an experiment every day can help you collect the day you need to improve. Most health concerns come when we neglect to collect data on our own bodies. Take this mindset into your daily life and you will be well on your way to improving your own biology.

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