Birthday Gifts Your Adult Child Will Appreciate

“The days pass slowly, but the years fly by.” That’s never more true than when you’re looking at your children. It seems like you were putting them on the bus for their first day of school just yesterday, and now they’re adults.

Of course, just because your children are grown doesn’t mean you stop spoiling them some of the time, especially on their birthdays. They’re still your kids, after all, and there’s nothing like seeing those smiles of joy on their faces.

However, it can be harder to buy presents for adults than children. They’ve outgrown toys and probably have what they need day-to-day already. So what birthday gifts will your adult children enjoy?

Let’s look at some great ideas.

An Experience Gift

Many young people value experiences more than physical gifts, so getting them a ticket for a getaway or a gift certificate for an experience can be an amazing birthday present.

The gift can be something small, like a massage, pedicure, or admission to a local attraction. Or, it could be larger, like a skydiving adventure, a trip on a hot air balloon, or a weekend getaway. The key is to think about what your child enjoys doing and find a way to facilitate that activity.

For a child who has always dreamed of horses, you could get an hour’s horseback riding lesson. For a daughter or son who likes being outside but doesn’t want to use an outhouse, a glamping adventure could be the ticket. You could also purchase cooking lessons, a photography seminar, or another fun adult education class in an area of interest.

There is no end to the experiences you can gift your adult child!

Money for Bills

This may seem decidedly unfun, but we promise that your adult child will really appreciate it. We often stop giving money as a gift once a child graduates high school or college, but young adults struggle financially for many years after school.

It doesn’t have to be the only birthday present, but some cash to put toward immediate needs will definitely bring a smile. You can also give them tips about how to save money on necessary bills, like asking for a lower rate on cell phone services or how to shop for quality insurance by evaluating their star rating. As an example, Freeway Insurance reviews have a high star rating and they can call them to get a free quote for better car insurance rate.

Things that seem obvious to you aren’t always obvious to young adults, and it may not occur to them that you can just call and ask for better rates. Everyone likes to save money. They’ll appreciate your help!

High-Quality Coffee or Tea

If your adult child enjoys coffee or tea, why not give them a gift of some especially high-quality brew? You can also get them some of the accessories that go with it — for example, a looseleaf tea infuser or a coffee press.

Many times young people don’t have the budget to buy these things for themselves, but they’d love to try them. That’s what makes this a perfect gift for an adult child’s birthday!

A Smartwatch

Technology can do amazing things, and young adults rely on it for almost everything. That’s why a smartwatch can be a great birthday present for your adult child.

If they use Apple products, an Apple Watch is the obvious choice. For Samsung users, Samsung also makes a high-quality smartwatch. You can also go with a Fitbit or choose a different brand that will work with both Apple and Android.

What’s important is that the smartwatch needs to be compatible with their smartphone or else they may not be able to use it.

A Nod to Their Hobbies

Most young people have hobbies, fandoms, and other interests where they spend time. These might be quite different from anything you’re used to, but learning a bit about what they’re interested in can pay off big at birthday time. It makes for better conversation, and it’s much easier to buy presents.

Buying your adult child a DVD, a book, a game, or some supplies for their obsession is guaranteed to please and get a big smile on their birthday. There are even subscription boxes built around specific interests if your budget is a bit bigger. Just make sure you’ve checked with someone else to ensure they don’t already have an item you’re considering!

Birthday Gifts Are For Everyone

Everyone of any age appreciates a thoughtful birthday gift. With these ideas, you’ll be able to get your adult children gifts they appreciate for many years to come.

Enjoy your children — especially as adults!

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