Can E-books Replace Traditional Books?

In this age of technological advancement although reading habits have changed, the demise of printed books as a result of e-books has not materialized, and it might come as a surprise for most people that print on paper still wins. No matter, how debatable this issue is, where an ebook can be read on multiple devices, occupying very little digital space, but the passion for reading remains the same, and avid readers keep their eyes open to get the best possible deals, and Barnes and Noble have it all with its coupons and codes where you can score savings of maximum 75% off on Annex Books.

Points to ponder whether e-books can replace traditional books

We know that in today’s day & age things have changed. Earlier, we could find people reading a book while travelling or waiting for the train, and now we see people drowned in their smartphones, tablets or Kindle reading the same book, but still, book lovers admit that extinction of printed books is impossible and the two formats are existing simultaneously.

Now, publishers are producing both electronic and physical books, and that is proof enough to say that the digital revolution in publishing isn’t phasing out physical books, in fact you are getting to read more. This deviation between ebook and paper really comes down to personal preference.

Let us highlight some pros of E-books over the traditional prints.

  • E-books are easy to Carry and convenient

Since an e-book is a digital copy, it is much lighter than a medium-sized book and can easily slip into your pocket whereas this is not the case with the printed version. Amazon, creator of Kindle e-reader have launched new e-reader models with full color HD screen experience and much lighter versions offering up to 75% off savings on Kindle e-books and a 65% off on Electronics using Amazon coupons.

  • Cost-effective

Initially the investment on an e-book reader will be more compared to a paperback, but this is a one time investment, and Amazon e-readers can grab a great deal, and save up to $112 using Best Buy discount coupons on digital devices. The price of e-books is pretty less compared to their paper counterparts, and many of them can be accessed for free, thus considered a very important factor while talking about e-books vs books where the cost of printed books are more expensive.

  • Eco- friendly

A sustainable future requires us to change our habits and e-book readers don’t affect the environment in any way, and no natural resources are spent in its creation. In fact, it prevents cutting of trees and saving on ink which eventually affects the environment and surely contributes to preserving our mother Earth. So for a smaller green footprint, e-book seem to be the better choice.

  • Countless E-books & storage

E-books consume less space, and one might find a cheaper version of the printed book in an e book format. Additionally, storing and preserving paperbacks require room, cupboards whereas this is not the case with e books.

Cons of E-books

Although, there are all sorts of worthy arguments for a tectonic shift from printed paper to words on a portable screen, there are however, some drawbacks that are unique to e-books.

One of the major drawbacks for an ebook reader is eye-strain leading to redness or itchiness, due to constant staring at the screen of the device, and the battery issue is another factor as it can get discharged anytime. Imagine you are at the climax of the book and your battery drops dead.

Also, as the technology progresses, the older versions of your ebook may not be compatible with the new & updated software, thus refraining your book to open easily.

Today, the younger generation is computer savvy, but still given to understand they still prefer the printed version of textbooks over e-books and when you hold them they give you a special feel.

Advantages of Printed Books

  • The feel of paper

Not everyone is a fan of technology, and books needing no introduction are from times immemorial considered man’s best friend having a longer shelf life compared to the electronic gadgets. Nothing can replace the feel and physical enjoyment of reading a new book for the fanatical reader, the soft fragrance while flipping through the pages is a beautiful feeling beyond e-books and it is very easy to skim through a real book than an e-book.

  • Easy Availability

Books are easily accessible and are available at the bookstore, or online where you can even be lucky to snag a good deal. From the latest fantasy to the thought- provoking non-fiction, Barnes & Noble is the bookstore stocked with the latest releases and book series offering a savings of 25% on Religious books, and a maximum savings of 75% off on Annex books using their coupons.

Sharing the books

Books are still a good gifting option for any occasion, and affordable for all, and many a time your favorite reads come via second-hand gestures from friends. You can share with your friends and colleagues, or take it on rent. E-books however are restricted to one owner with one account only. Not to mention the tangible real book which you have treasured since childhood is safe, and irreplaceable as compared to the Kindle where you wouldn’t find your book ten years from now.

For those who have taken the plunge in reading, nothing matters to them as long as they enjoy reading good material, and what more can one get if you have access to print books for as low as half the original price. Yeah, you read it right. Discover great savings at Barnes & Noble with their amazing offer of 50% off on Books during the Black Friday sale.

Technology is flourishing by leaps and bounds providing new avenues, and although the ebooks falls short concerning health benefits, comfort, convenience, and nostalgic factors, which are big reason to keep the physical book alive, yet both e-books and paper books have their advantages, and simply need to find a place alongside their cool new cousin, e-reader.


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