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cute school supplies

I used to love going back to school because that meant that I had an excuse to go buy cute school supplies.

In elementary school, I always looked for folders with animals on them. As I entered middle school, it was all about the gel pens and black paper, so I made sure I had both of those things. High school was more about a pretty backpack and then college was all about buying things that helped me stay organized.

Thankfully, finding cute school supplies has gotten much easier over the years because you can order practically anything on the internet these days! That’s where I found some of these great gems that I’m sure you’re going to love. Check them out below and let me know which one is your favorite!

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1. Monogrammed Notepad

cute school supplies

Notepads are going to be one of your best friends in class (especially college), so make sure you have these on your list!

What I really like about this featured notepad is that it comes in a variety of color options and it can be personalized to include your first name (or whatever other word you want). You also have the option of getting these as loose-leaf paper that comes in an acrylic holder – a great option for those of you who want to carry a few sheets of paper around to each class rather than an entire notepad.

Extra Incentive: If you are networking with people and want to exchange contact information, your customized paper is sure to leave a lasting impression (and the people won’t have any reason to forget your name)!

2. Stylish Planner: A Must-Have for Your Cute School Supplies List

I seriously can’t keep up with my hectic schedule anymore without a planner. I had one in high school that I had started using somewhat, but I quickly began using one on a regular basis in college – It was the only way I could keep my head on straight and make sure I got everything turned in on time!

There are SO many designs to fit every personality and style, so you should have no issues finding one to add to your list of cute school supplies to purchase. I’ve found that Target and Wal-Mart typically have a limited selection, so I like to browse Amazon and other sites to find more design options.

Here is a fun one I found on Amazon today:

3. Stylish Desktop Accessories Set

I can’t even begin to tell you how many times I asked people to borrow a piece of tape or their stapler because I didn’t have my own (you’d be surprised at how often you need this stuff when it isn’t around)!

The great thing about a desktop accessories set is that you get scissors, a tape dispenser, and a stapler in one bundle – and in the same design!

Just don’t forget to buy some extra staples and tape for when you run out 🙂

4. Pencil Pouch

Y’all, I seriously should have had a pencil pouch on my list of cute school supplies to pick up at the store – It was truly an epic fail on my part. Rather than having my pens, highlighters, and pencils in one easily accessible location, I was always that student who was rummaging in her backpack in hopes that she would pull out the right color pen.

Talk about a pathetic sight!

Seriously though, if you haven’t invested in a pencil pouch, I would highly recommend it. I included the pouches above because you get all four (one for you backpack, one for you purse, and two for whatever else you choose).

If Paris isn’t screaming your name, there are plenty of other great designs to choose from online and in your local stores!

5. Tote Bag

I noticed something interesting when I went to my first college classes – All the girls were carrying around tote bags!

Now, I was completely fine with my backpack, but if I wanted to invest in something a little more stylish, I would have definitely added a tote bag to my list of cute school supplies.

I think the tote bag would have been much more feasible for me today since I use my Kindle to read my books rather than lugging them around on my shoulders (which was brutal, by the way).

Having a tote bag would also be great if you just need to carry around your laptop or a notebook to a study group at the library. You could also toss in one of your new pencil pouches and your planner in case you need to schedule upcoming meetings!

Here are some tote bags that I would recommend if you are looking for cute school supplies:

Other Supplies to Add to Your List

Aside from those things listed above, there are other items you’ll want to be sure you pick up (even if you wouldn’t necessarily classify them as cute school supplies):

  • Pens (make sure you definitely have black and red)
  • Highlighters (get a variety of colors)
  • Notebooks (even if you take notes on a computer, you’ll still want some regular paper to write on)
  • Pencils (I didn’t use these much in college, but you should still have some on hand)
  • USB Drive (so that you can backup your documents and save them if you use the library computers)
  • Water bottle (saves money in the long run)
  • Paper clips (because sometimes staples are too ‘permanent’)

What else would you add or what are some of your must-haves?

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