Fashion Industry in This Digital Era

Linen wholesale fashion has always been a trend. Almost every month, the latest fashion trends will appear—for example, the latest fashion trends outfit, the latest pants models, or the latest scarf model. Running a fashion business is very profitable, because every type of fashion is also a primary for human need. However, you cannot deny that the online fashion business has defeated the offline business. So, promoting your linen wholesale fashion business through online channels is the right way to do it.

Social Media Marketing

Considering that most of your prospective clients must use social media, social media marketing effectively promotes your fashion business.

There are several social media that you can use, such as Instagram or Facebook. But you also have to choose which social media is suitable for your fashion business.

If you are targeting potential clients in a younger age range, then Instagram is for you.

But if you are targeting potential clients in a relatively older age group, then use social media Facebook.

Promotion tips using social media:

  • Client Research.
  • Create the Right Goals or Goals.
  • Competitor Analysis.
  • Create Relevant and Interesting Content.
  • Determine the Right Post Time.
  • Take advantage of Ads.
  • Do an Evaluation

Create Email Marketing

Email marketing is an effective strategy for building relationships with more targeted potential clients and turning them into loyal customers.

In addition, the cost required to do email marketing is also cheap. Some even do not require a fee (free).

Email marketing is done by sending emails to many potential clients at the same time. So that sending email is not done using the usual email provider platforms such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Several tools can help you do email marketing, such as Mailchimp, BenchMark, or VerticalResponse.

The three tools above have their respective advantages and disadvantages. To find out, you can read the article about what email marketing is.

Tips for doing email marketing:

  • Choose the right platform.
  • Create email lists.
  • Client segmentation.
  • Create engaging content.
  • Establish good communication with clients.
  • Email marketing evaluation.

List Fashion Business on Marketplace

Registering your fashion business on the marketplace is also an effective strategy so that your business is known by many people and gets more potential clients.

In addition, the marketplace can provide convenience in terms of selling. It is enough to register a business with one of the specific marketplace companies, and the online market will assist the promotion process.

To register on the marketplace, you can register with several well-known marketplaces such as Lazada, Zilingo, Alibaba, Amazon, or Zalora.

Tips for selling on the marketplace:

  • Get to know the product you are selling.
  • Enter the original photo.
  • Make detailed product descriptions (such as price, brand, model, size, material).

Create Website

Marketing on the marketplace does not guarantee the success of your business in the long term. Besides, you will also find increasingly fierce price competition between fellow fashion businessmen to create brand awareness that can weaken.

Therefore, while selling on the marketplace, you also need other supporting media. One of the right media for your fashion business is a website.

Creating a website will help your business be more successful in the long run. The website will also make it easier for you to increase brand awareness and increase clients’ credibility (trust).

Take Advantage Of Influencers

Influencer marketing is a strategy to promote a product by utilizing an influencer. At the same time, the influencer itself is an artist, celebrity, Youtuber, or blogger. Influencer marketing will help you find more potential clients, increase client trust, and increase brand awareness of your fashion business.

Use Real Photos With Complete Descriptions

One of the factors for the success of your fashion business is the photos you use when doing promotions, whether you upload pictures on social media, websites, or even in the marketplace.

Therefore, use your product photos (original photos, not photos taken on search engines). With authentic images, it will increase the confidence of potential clients to buy your product.

In addition, add complete information about the products you offer, such as prices, brands, models, sizes, and essential materials, and other information needed by potential clients.

Why Linen?

Linen material is one of the fabrics with a unique texture and character. Linen-based clothes have a surface that makes clothes difficult to tidy when ironed, but still preserve a strong character to it, like this linen pants. Unique characteristics that cannot be found on any other fabrics. This material has fibers that tend to be coarser than cotton, and some even have difficulty ironing linen-based clothes.

Neutralize Temperature

If the weather is cold, the linen material can warm the body. Then if the weather is hot, this material does not make the body more desirable.


Because the fibers tend to be coarse, the cavities are not too tight. This can allow air to enter so that it feels more relaxed and can absorb sweat.


Besides being taken from plant fibers, linen also tends to be solid and durable. So, everyone can use it in the long term.

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