Fun, Creative Side Hustles to Earn Money in Your Free Time

Looking to make a change in your career, or start up a side hustle to make money from your hobbies? You might have studied an online mba degree in business intelligence and enjoy your very formal and structured career, but if you find yourself craving more creativity then here are some ideas!


If you’re a skilled writer, you’ll be in high demand and can earn a good living doing this from home. Websites and business blogs always need content written by those who know what they’re doing, meaning there’s always work available. You could start a blog of your own and monetize this, sponsored opportunities that companies offer bloggers tend to pay well, although it will take some time to get your site established so start as a hobby with the aim to earn money later down the line.


Design is something which covers a broad spectrum of things. It could be anything from art and illustration, to electronics design. It could be logo design, blog design, app design or anything else. There are plenty of directions you could take for earning money this way either as an employee or working for yourself. If you’re newer to design and haven’t had any formal training, perhaps you could take a course or class so you can brush up on techniques and terminology that could help you on your journey.

Video Creation

Whether you like to be in front of the camera or behind it, if you’re a skilled editor why not make some money from it in your free time? You could start a Youtube channel and monetize it, or simply offer video editing services for other Youtubers. Marketing agencies and advertisers also need video creators to put together their ads, so you’ll never be short of work.


Baking businesses can be a fantastic, fun way to earn money with your creativity. People will always need cakes for special occasions; weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and more so you shouldn’t be short on work if you promote yourself in the right way. With some simple health and safety changes to your kitchen (such as using a separate fridge for home and work) you could do this from home, or you could hire commercial premises and work from a professional kitchen instead.


There are lots of ways you can get creative in beauty, from makeup artistry to hairdressing and nail technician work. These all allow you to create something wonderful while helping people to feel beautiful. You could work from home, hire a chair in a salon on work mobile. You could be working with bride and hen parties, groups of girls before nights out, proms and much more.

Online Reselling

If you don’t have extra time to create a product from scratch, you can look for trending products and resell them online. It will be of great help if you create a survey for your target customers to discover their preferences. Or find items that you love and offer them to your close friends and acquaintances. If you love fashion, you can check out thrift shops near your place and sell them. If you love sweet treats, you can connect with bakers and ask if they are open for distribution. While online reselling may look way easier compared to other side hustles, this will also require you to work hard in promoting your products. With this, setting up an online store is crucial.


There are a ton of fun ways to make money from music if you’re a musical kind of person. From creating jingles to be used on the radio (businesses always require these kinds of things) to creating background music for video creators to utilize. You could release your own tracks and submit them to streaming sites like Spotify. Playing live music in pubs, bars and at weddings is another idea, and you get to perform for a live audience.

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