Getting Your Affairs In Order: What you Need To Consider

Is your life in order? What does having your affairs in order mean, and why should it be a priority? Getting your affairs in order is essentially a nicer, less morbid way of preparing for your death. But you don’t need to be dying or of a senior age to have your affairs in order. You can, and you could do this at any age. The reason being that if anything was to happen to you unexpectedly, your family and loved ones would know your wishes, and you can avoid lengthy, drawn-out probate or family arguments and issues once you are no longer here.

So how can you get your affairs in order?

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Talk to an estate planning attorney.

An estate planning attorney can help you create an estate plan and manage your wealth so your family doesn’t have to when you have passed. They can talk to you about what will happen, how best to protect your assets, and any taxes your loved ones might need to pay on any inheritance. This means everything will be taken care of, and your wishes will be legally documented in the event of your death, making it easier to ensure everything is left how you choose.

Organ donation

Right now, organ donation is an opt-in choice in America, and generally, you won’t be able to communicate your wishes once the time comes for you to be considered an organ donor. Multiple body parts can be donated, from your organs to skin, corneas, and more. You can tell people of your wishes either way, so if anything happens and someone needs to decide on your behalf, they know exactly what you want. You can register online to be an organ donor, tissue donor, or even a brain donor to donate your brain to science or a teaching hospital.

Funeral arrangements

If you wish, you can preplan your funeral ahead of time. This can be useful if you want a family burial plot or if you know family members would struggle to afford the cost of a funeral. If you have specific wishes or just want to make things easier, you can talk to a funeral director to organize and pay for your funeral upfront or take out a funeral plan to help cover the cost when the time does come.

Pay down debt

Getting your debt to a manageable level or paid down completely can be a weight off loved ones’ minds. While no one is legally responsible for another person’s debt unless they have co-signed, it can be one less thing to arrange as they will need to call creditors to inform them of your death. If you have cleared your debts, this removes the need to do this and can make the whole process easier on your loved ones.

Getting your affairs in order means that you need to have all of your finances and paperwork so people can be aware of your wishes in the event of your death. You should do it as early as possible and ensure you keep everything updated as much as possible to ensure its legality.

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