Golden Tips on How To Write A Dissertation Paper

As part of your Ph.D. degree, you must write a compelling dissertation, better known as a thesis in other countries, as a student as a final assignment. Therefore, doing in-depth research to create an admirable dissertation is inevitable for a student elevating their careers to higher levels.

While writing a dissertation can be a daunting, time-consuming, and complex task, many tips, including ideas on how to write my dissertation, will help you overcome all the challenges, do appropriate research, follow a proper structure, and craft a desirable dissertation that will see you excel in your academic matters. Keep reading this guide for useful insights that will simplify the whole process of writing the best dissertation.

What is the appropriate dissertation structure?

Before we highlight the tips that will help you write a dissertation to admire, let’s, first of all understand the structure, or rather the different sections that make a dissertation complete.

Title page

This is the first element the reader will see in your dissertation. Therefore, ensure you are creative enough to make your title page stand out. Therefore, include the broad version of your research, the specific focus, and a clue about your research design.


Next is an acknowledgement page that gives you a chance to thank all the people who have played a significant role in helping you finish your dissertation. (this section is optional and doesn’t include the word count) however, it is a good practice to include this page.

Abstract or executive summary

An abstract for a dissertation is simply an overview of the whole research project. It highlights the basic findings of the project without having to read through the whole project. Therefore, a good abstract should include the following:

  • Project’s question and objectives
  • Methods used
  • Finding
  • Conclusion

Table of contents

The T.O.C. is quite clear and straightforward. You can use the automatic table of content from Ms. Word.

The introduction

Once done with the other sections, the focus is now on the paper’s main sections. Now, begin with the introduction, ensuring you hook the reader to your paper.

Make sure you introduce your topic and highlight the significance of the topic to the reader.

Literature review

At this point, your paper has a clear flow, and you need to write a literature review, which is an analysis of already existing research on the topic you are covering.


After an analysis of existing research on the same topic, you need to develop a research methodology based on your own findings. Key highlights include how you conducted the research and why you settled on the methods you used.


In this section, you simply present raw results after doing the analysis and using the methods to gather information or data.


The discussion section is all about interpreting and analyzing your research findings and explaining what the findings mean as you answer your research questions.


This is the final chapter of your dissertation. After you’ve presented all the details in respective sections, it is about time you sum up everything as you relate to the research questions.

Tips to help you craft a compelling dissertation

Every student wants to perform incredibly in every academic paper. The following tips will help you finish your dissertation and perform better.

Seek professional help

Many times, students often find themselves in a fixed situation, such that they cannot write their dissertation and complete it on time. In such a scenario, seeking professional dissertation help is the only way out. As a student, you only need to ensure you choose reliable services to help you with your project successfully.

Read widely

If you want to write an admirable piece, it means you read widely. If you make it a habit always to read different materials, you gain great knowledge and enrich your vocabulary. Therefore, reading quality materials improves a person’s ability to write compelling materials.

Plan the writing process

A dissertation is a large project that requires adequate planning and the use of resources to accomplish the task ahead. Therefore, planning how you will handle the whole paper is a pro tip. Highlight how you plan to cover the different sections and the approaches you intend to use. Besides, schedule the time frames that will enable you to achieve your targets.

Write an outline

An outline is an important part of writing your dissertation. It highlights the sections you need to cover and the details you need to include in each section. Creating an outline helps you include every section required for the dissertation and saves you time thinking about what to write when crafting the final draft.

Proofread and edit

One more important tip, always proofread your dissertation, even if you feel like you’ve written your best. At some points, you will make mistakes such as typos and grammar mistakes as you write. Proofreading and editing give you a chance to correct such mistakes, giving you room to submit a clean and admirable dissertation.


Do you always find it tough to write a good dissertation? You are not alone. The only element you need to consider is understanding the dynamics of writing a dissertation and then using the tips highlighted in this guide to bring out a good paper.

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