Healthy Financial Habits You Must Adopt Before You Hit 30

Hitting 30 can be scary, but it can be even scarier if you don’t have your finances in order. You shouldn’t wait around for somebody to come and save you from yourself, like many do – usually this is in the form of a husband or wife. If you can’t save yourself, then nobody will!

Instead, look to getting into these healthy financial habits before you hit 30. It can take some deep work, examining your mindset around money and figuring out why you feel such lack that you have to waste money on things you don’t really need. Don’t feel bad about it – most people do it to a degree. However, it’s your responsibility to realize it and change. Read on for the habits you should adopt before 30:

Tracking Your Spending

Tracking your spending will give you a better idea of where your money is going week in, week out. You’ll have a better idea of where to cut back this way. Track every little thing!

Having A Financial Plan

Your plan will likely change, but you still need to have one set out. A plan is so much more effective than a budget. A budget insinuates that you’re just doing the best with what you earn, but a plan insinuates that you’re actually doing something for your future. Your goals won’t appear on their own, so what is it you actually want? Make sure you include emotionally charged goals in your plan, or you likely won’t work towards them.

Wait Before Buying Something You Want

We are pretty much all accustomed to seeing something we like and just buying it. However, you should wait before splashing the cash. Waiting at least a couple of weeks confirms that this is something you really want, and not just an impulse buy that you could have done without. It’ll always feel more satisfying if you do decide to buy it then, too.

Avoid Lifestyle Inflation

If you earn more money, you should save and invest it. You probably don’t need a bigger house, a better car, or a bigger TV package. Avoid lifestyle inflation at all costs!

Getting Money You’re Owed

It can be difficult to get money back that we are owed, but it can also feel very empowering. Go and get the compensation you deserve after a maritime accident if appropriate, or tell your friend you want the money back that they owe you.


Don’t wait until you have more money to invest. This is one of the biggest mistakes young people make! Even if you can only commit to investing a small amount, you should do it.

Paying Your Bills On Time

Your bills are a priority, so treat them like one. Make sure you put enough aside each week/month to pay them.

Paying Off Your Debts

If you have debts, plan to pay more than the minimum payment. High interest debts should be prioritised especially. Pay these off before focusing on saving!

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