Holiday 2020 Gift Guide: 5 Best RC Gifts for Kids

Help pull your screen fixed-children off the couch with the cutting edge variety of remote controlled robots and cars offered by SGILE. From a RC Stunt Car you can safety bang around with no regard, a drifting race car that can handle any terrain to classic, dog and dinosaur robots. These very affordable toys will be loads of fun this holiday season and are sure to rank high on your kid’s best gift list.

RC Stunt Car

Launch it down the stairs, bump it into the wall, mom will not even have a problem that, as the RC Stunt Car is protected with all-terrain, soft-rubber tiers. The SGILE RC Stunt Car is a master of divergence, with 360-degree tumbling ability and responsiveness to turn on a dime. That combined with its slick look and ability to reach high speeds (15km/hr), the RC Stunt Car can be considered the Deon Sanders of RC cars. Equipped with a long last battery, kids and adults will be well entertained. Allow your kids imagination run wild with the stunts you set up. Got any dolls, golf fish and toy trucks to jump?

SGILE’s New High Speed RC Car Toy

Equipped with Sonic-like pick up speed, ability to reach 18 km/hr, flexible drift, shock absorbers and anti-slip tiers, SGILE’s new High Speed RC Car Toy is competitive with any video game. A sure way to bring you kids outdoors. With its off-road terrain build, you can even go hiking with this beast of a race car.

Buy a pair and the 2.4 G frequency of the sharp control system can support multiplayer. The control is super easy to use and allows for a quick response time. The car has undergone impact and drop testing, so have at it, build a race course with jumps, stairs or other extreme obstacles.

Cady Vida, The RC Robot

SGILE’s RC Robot, the Cady Wida, has 50 commands you can program with it’s control system, making for a excellent and cherry new dance partner and adventure companion for your kids. Equipped with a built-in sensor in its head, the intelligent robot can interact with you, other similar robots and detect obstacles encountered to avoid catastrophic collisions.

When the patrol function is activated the robot will move freely, with a life all its own for a battery life of 60 minutes, so you can relax knowing that even if the robot seems to be taking over the house, their battery will eventually die. Then a simple USB plug will bring the RC robot fully back to life after 120 minutes.

RC Dinosaur

The bionic prototype of tyrannosaurus will be a mighty presence in your household. With multiple functions from fighting to dancing, the intelligent dinosaur will help your kids creativity and imagination as they go to battle or boogie town together.

Equipped with battle ready features including a weapon launcher that can lock in on targets, LED Lights, fierce roar,  and touch sensitive head that when activated will give you a startle as the robot dinosaur whips it’s head and tail. The mouth can open and close for more effect and it can slide on wheels to really help the T-Rex attack or bust a move. The multiple feature remote control is easy and a great teaching tool. A guaranteed blast for all ages!

RC Robot Dog

The robot era is finally upon us. Every kid should have a robot buddy and SGILE’s Robot Dog is the most obedient, friendly and adorable buddy your kid could ask for. With a simply control system the robot dog will give an exciting welcome home dance, come to its name, go on patrol, speak, sing, wink and dance.

With a touch sensitive head, you can pet the robot and enjoy how excited and loving the dog becomes. Packed with cool lights to go along with it’s dancing, the RC robot dog will be the hit of the party. 


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