How Do You Find A New Direction In Life?

Here’s some good news and some bad news. Throughout life, you will have to choose new directions to follow. This can be hard, because choosing one direction can mean not choosing others, as we have to sacrifice our jack-of-all-trades nature in order to learn something specific (and make a career or trade) out of one direction.

Someone who simply wishes to be a homemaker, and a stay-at-home parent, is still choosing a direction, they haven’t ‘dropped out’ from that process. However, choosing a direction at all can feel limiting, because it is. You will also have to do this many times in your life. It’s not uncommon to go back to school in your 30s, for example.

Here’s the good news. Finding and following a direction is fun. It can help signal new responsibilities, new experiences, new adventures, and new growth. In fact, staying stagnant is perhaps to be feared more than becoming a novice again, as learning is a lifelong process through and through.

So – how do you find a new direction in life? Let’s consider that:

Consider Your Passions

Consider what passions you hold and why you hold them. It’s not uncommon for complete flips of interest as you grow, and you realize a career isn’t for you. Why is it that office workers decide to hang up their suit and don a pair of chef whites, heading to the local culinary school, taking on a new job that is vastly harder to work, for much less pay? Because of passion, interest and the willingness to be there and find out. Your passions aren’t a rudderless guide, sometimes they can be a pointed rocket engine.

Consider A Practical Route

Of course, romance is all well and good, but it’s important to know what practical route you could take. You can enjoy a job that you might not think you’re completely suitable for, and you can make good, stable money by following that path. In fact, this is likely wiser than just jumping on any chance to let your passions guide you. But you’re not missing out by making that decision in the least. For instance, a certificate 3 in business can help you acquire a fantastic new qualification that is more applicable for a wide variety of careers. And this option is incredibly practical.

Consider What You Could Do With Humility

Consider how far humility could get you. For instance, it might be that you feel ‘above’ a certain job or trade, or you’re not happy to start from scratch chasing your dreams. But what if you just put your head down and worked through that state, learning as much as you can? Those questions can help you focus on a new purpose without feeling that you’re wasting your time, or that you haven’t as much compared to other people. The enemy of progress is often false comparison, and humility can help with that.

With this advice, we hope you can (more easily) find a new direction in life.

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