How to Afford Travel: 5 Tips to Go More Often

Some of us went all of 2020 without a trip and if you’re a travel aficionado, this may have been difficult for you. With the job changes and furloughs that happened last year, you may also find your travel budget doesn’t look like it once did.

While traveling to any destination does cost you, you don’t always have to spend a pretty penny. Here are our top tips for traveling often, on a budget you can afford:

Browse for cheap flights

Flights can be costly. However, there are also ways to find cheaper options. You can find websites that offer great deals to your destination, no matter where it may be in the world. Whether you’re looking for cheap flights from Honolulu to Orlando or want to find flights from the east coast to the west coast, using sites that help you get better deals is possible, so don’t just book the first flight you see. The cheaper your flights, the easier it will be to travel often.

Book in advance

There’s a certain kind of magic when finding the perfect deal and something that often works is booking in advance. While you don’t want to try to find cheap tickets more than a few months in advance, booking at around the two-month mark before your desired travel dates can be helpful when trying to travel on the budget you have in mind.

Consider your lodging

If you want to be able to travel often on a budget, it’s wise to take time when searching for accommodations. As one of the biggest expenses when traveling, taking time to find affordable lodging can help you save money. While you may give up the luxury of a five-star resort in order to spend less on a budget hotel or even camping, if what matters most are the travel experiences, you don’t have to spend too much time worrying about the place you stay.

Think about traveling on an alternative date

There are times and seasons that are simply pricier than other dates. From trying to book a beach house on the fourth of July during the thick of summer to booking a ski vacation to Aspen in the middle of peak season, it’s a good idea to consider a possible change of plans when booking travel dates.

Additionally, weekends tend to be busier when it comes to travel, so consider booking your trip for weekdays instead. These little tweaks to your plans could end up saving you big bucks, which can result in more travel plans down the road.

Eat at home

Depending on your lodging, you may be able to cook great meals at home, so instead of spending a lot of money on eating all over the city (as tempting as it may be), plan a couple of meals out but save your money for other things on your trip, or even for another trip. While you do want to enjoy food in other locations, decide how much would work for your budget and then, hit the local supermarket for the rest.

In Conclusion

You can travel often, even if you’re not making six figures a year. You can go to amazing destinations throughout the year, with comfortable transportation and travel insurance, even if you don’t have the highest budget. The secret to frequent budget travel lies in planning and preparing, whether through the use of apps or the time spent browsing cheap flights or accommodation for your trip. The more affordable one trip is, the easier it will be to go on another one as soon as possible.

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