How to Create Your Own Fitness Drawer

Are your fitness clothes a mess? Or even just a little untidy? Perhaps you have them all folded, but they aren’t organized, and it drives you mad. Or maybe your whole wardrobe is a bit disorganized, and your exercise clothes are spread all over the place. It can be extremely frustrating to know that your items are not well put together and this can be further compounded if you have invested in some quality gym wear that you love, from retailers such as Arnold Gym Gear. When you have nice things to wear, it is nice to have them all sorted and straight, ready for you to hit the gym.

There are many benefits to creating your very own fitness drawer. Not only fully organized and sorted items make you feel better every time you look at them, it also saves you a great deal of time. When your day is already busy enough with work, chores, socializing and so on, the last thing you want to do is root around for your gym stuff. Also, if you are struggling with the motivation to get to the gym in the first place, not being able to find all your stuff or not managing to put together an outfit that matches and you’ll feel good in could just be that final barrier to exercising. If you exercise before work, having easy access to the right stuff will be a huge help too as it will mean you aren’t delayed and potentially stressed as a result.

So if you’re looking for tips on how to create your own fitness drawer, take a look at these tips to help:

Have a clear out

Most of us can be guilty of hoarding items which we think might come in handy in the future, only to see them sit there for years unworn. Do your drawers a favor and get rid of all the things you have been hanging on to – a local charity shop will no doubt be pleased to have them or you could even recycle them.

Get everything out

You need to assemble all your gym items. It helps if you have dedicated gym clothes that you can always keep in the same place where you can quickly pull things out so before you start to put anything back away, you’ll need to see everything you have all at once


Once you have everything together, split them into categories which suit your workouts. For example, do you trail run as well as do weights sessions? If so the chances are you have different outfits for each. Split them all up and collate all the different items into categories (e.g. running leggings, running tops, running socks and gym shorts, gym vests, gym cool down jumpers).

Make it all visible

When you finally come to put it all in your drawer don’t stack it one on top of the other but instead, roll them and lie them all next to each other. That way, when you open your drawer, you’ll be able to see what is available in each category clearly and can pick items that go well together in no time at all.

You may even find that better organization will make you more willing to exercise as well as saving you time and stress so sort your fitness drawer out sooner rather than later!

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