How to Deal with a Toxic Work Environment

For most of us, the workplace isn’t exactly the most fun place in the world, and all jobs come with some degree of stress. But if going to work, or even just the thought of going, fills you with a sense of dread, ruins your evenings, or is even making you physically ill, then you might well be working in a toxic environment.

There are many reasons why your workplace might be toxic, it could be a boss who doesn’t know how to manage his employees, lazy co-workers who force everyone to pick up their slack or gossipy colleagues that make you feel excluded.

Whatever the reason, a toxic work environment is bad for your health. So, check out our list for a few tips to help you cope.

Know Your Rights

This might seem like a drastic approach to start with, but it is crucial to note that there is a line when a work environment goes from unpleasant to illegal, and as such, it is important to know your rights.

Discrimination, sexual harassment, and bullying are all ways that an employer can violate federal employment laws, and if you feel that you have been unlawfully treated at work then hiring a good employment law attorney, such as California based Eghbali Firm, can be vital in the fight for compensation and justice.

Find Positive Co-workers

If you have noticed the toxic atmosphere in your workplace, then chances are others have as well. Developing friendships with positive people, who share the same views as yourself can turn around a negative office environment.

Choose to spend your time with positive people and tune out those that exude negative or toxic qualities. Just having a good friend around to support you can make all the difference in an unpleasant environment.

Focus on Self-Improvement

If you find yourself losing your motivation at work due to a toxic environment, then find a way to reframe the situation in your mind. You are not working for them; you are working for yourself!

Focus on improving areas of your work that you are lacking in, or areas that you know employers find desirable. Develop new skills that you can take to your potential future job. So long as you are improving yourself, then work will never feel like a waste of time.

Take Frequent Breaks

While some employers or employees may frown upon frequent breaks, you are entitled to your breaks, and you must take them. Getting away from your computer, taking a brief walk, and getting a change in atmosphere can all do wonders for your mood, even if it’s just a quick lap around the outside of the office.

Find Somewhere New

Hopefully, it won’t reach this point, as there is always a chance that things can get better. But if you simply can’t take another day working at your office then start looking for something new.

By simply taking the time to look for a new job you will be taking control of your future. This alone can help you stay positive when times get tough. Look for a new job, or even a brand-new career, that will inspire you and make you a better person for it!

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