How To Find Affordable Housing For Students

Going off to college is uncharted grounds and can be very exciting. Stepping into this new world, you’re also leaving your home and moving into housing near your university.

However, with the hefty tuition fees and daily expenses on top of that, it’s best if you could find housing that’ll provide value for money. So, here are some ways and tips on how to find affordable housing for students:

Drill Down On Your Non-Negotiables

The first thing you need to do before setting out to find affordable housing as a student is to drill down on your deal-breakers. Staying on a budget means prioritizing a few features, needs, and wants. Hence, take a minute to think about the things that you need or want for housing.

For instance, you can think about the following things:

  • Proximity to your university: In order to narrow down your search, the proximity to your university is one of the things that you need to consider. Housing that is farther to your university may be less expensive, but that’s up to you.

If you’re still looking, you can check for some options on apartments you could rent out.

  • Smoking versus non-smoking unit: There are some types of housing that allow smoking and some that don’t. Usually, those that don’t allow smoking comes out as more expensive. So, this is also one of the things you need to think about.
  • Availability of public transportation: The closer and more accessible the public transportation is to your apartment, the more expensive it is. So, when it comes to looking for affordable housing, you have to weigh this.
  • Neighborhood: The kind of neighborhood will play an important role in the price of your housing. Typically, housing that’s on a less favorable neighborhood will be more affordable.
  • Size of apartment (consider the kitchen space, laundry area, etc.): The size of the apartment also matters a lot. The bigger your space is, the more expensive your unit gets.
  • Having a roommate: Another way to bring down the cost or be able to find more affordable housing is to choose apartments that allow roommates. If you want to look for affordable housing, consider having a roommate.
  • Communal bathrooms: Typically, housing with communal bathrooms are also less expensive. However, if this is one of your non-negotiables, you’ll have a difficult time finding affordable ones that give you private bathrooms.

To narrow down your search for affordable housing, these are just some of the items and features that you need to consider. Each of these items plays a crucial role in the pricing of your housing.

For rent sign on a modern home.

Talk To The Current Students

Once you have a list of the features that are non-negotiable for you, it’s now easier to narrow down which apartments you can get. One of the ways to find affordable housing is to approach the current students of the university you’re going to. Since they’ve already settled into their own apartments, they would probably have some sources on where to get affordable housing.

In addition, they should know the area and people better. Because of this, they can give you more information on housing options and where to find them. Their current housing situation might also be ideal for you and could be an affordable one that doesn’t compromise quality.

Consider Off-campus Housing

While there are many benefits and convenience posed by on-campus housing, it can be your most expensive option when it comes to dorms or housing when you’re a student. Although it’s safer and closer to the university, it can cost you a leg or an arm to rent a space there.

As a solution, you may want to consider off-campus housing when you’re on a budget. There are still some off-campus housing that’ll provide you with security and quality. You’ll just need a little patience when looking for one.

Try Real Estate Apps

One of the most convenient ways to see listings on affordable housing is through real estate apps. It’s an easy way to search because you can filter your search in the app according to your budget and the features that you want.

A lot of listings for affordable housing for rent can already be found online. Take advantage of technology and download real estate apps. Additionally, there’s also a feature wherein you get notified every time there’s a listing that fits your criteria or profile. This can make a big difference as you search for affordable housing.

Join Housing Groups on Facebook

Today, Facebook isn’t just a social media website where you can post travel photos or talk with friends. It can also connect you with different communities including a housing group. Now, there are many Facebook groups or communities where people can post their apartment listings.

This is one of the effective ways to find affordable housing, depending on your area. Usually, these Facebook groups will be grouped by area. So, to look for them, simply search for groups on apartments for rent and specify your area. Then, once you find one, simply request to join the group.

Join Roommate Matching Sites

Another way to bring down the cost of housing as a student is to look for a roommate to help you with the expenses. Fortunately, there are websites that can help you match with roommates these days, such as Craigslist,, and

If you don’t want to go on these websites, you can find a friend who’s also going to the same university or a different university in the area to be your roommate. This is also another option you can take.


Saving money on housing doesn’t mean skimping on costs while compromising quality. There are still some housing out there that are affordable yet safe, clean, and nice.

Follow this guide and tips on how to find affordable housing. The possibilities and options are endless if you just look hard enough. By having affordable housing, you’ll get to enjoy your college life as you won’t have to worry about the financial cost in relation to housing, allowing you to focus on your studies.

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