How to Prepare for an Important Job Interview

Understand the Job

When you go to a job interview it’s worth taking the time to analyze the situations from the employer’s perspective. They’re looking for someone to fill a role in their company, they have issued a job description and are now seeking the best candidate for the role.

You won’t be the best candidate if you don’t understand the requirements of the role. Conversely the more you do understand the requirements the more you will impress the interviewers. In preparation for the interview review the job role thoroughly and ensure you understand what they’re looking for.

Know Your Strengths

After you’ve analyzed the job description, make a list of all the things they might be looking for. This could include personality traits, qualifications, experiences, and attitudes. Next, take a look at your resume and make a list of your strengths, skills, and experience.

You can now mix and match the two lists. Every candidate will be different, you just have to be honest with yourself about what you have and what you can offer. This will not only be advantageous for the interview but also for the job itself. Doing this exercise prior to the interview will make your answers easier and more convincing.

Decide What to Wear

It’s important to decide what you will wear to the interview in advance. This will save you time on the day of the interview and reduce your stress levels. It will also give you more time to consider appropriate attire that will impress and define you in equal measure.

If you’re a student and you know you will have a job interview in the future you might even consider some cosmetic modifications to enhance your chances of future success. For instance, uneven teeth can be straightened with night only braces that will not impact your everyday life.

Practice With a Friend

Successful interviews always begin with preparation, if you go in cold there’s a strong possibility of failure since you will not be able to answer questions competently. But it’s only about the answers you give, it’s also about how you present yourself, your appearance, and your attitude.

To practice, ask a friend to role-play the interview with you, a friend is better than a family member who may be more forgiving or less honest. Set up interview conditions and get into character. You may feel a little bit awkward but try to imagine you are turning up on the day. Get feedback and practice again.

Beginning, Middle, and End

Interviews are about what you say when you answer the questions, but they are equally about how you come across. The impression you make on the interviewers is very important which is why you need to start and end strongly.

At the start you want to display confidence and friendliness, in the middle you want to show your competence and understanding, in the end, you want to display appreciation and inquisitiveness. Always use the end of the interview to ask appropriate questions.

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