How to Turn Tinder Communication into Real Dates

Today the Internet gives people everything they need: chatting with virtual friends, useful information, and even work. We no longer need personal meetings with people – they are gradually replaced by video calls. Don’t you think that we should work in the opposite direction? In search of interesting interlocutors, we often find virtual friends and even virtual love. Long weeks of correspondence, exchange of photos, sweet and tender messages, many hours of communication by phone – many of us went through this. A carnival of surging feelings and a storm of emotions, a kinship of souls, and a similarity of views and soon we realize that Tinder and virtual communication is not enough. We want more – meeting and lively communication, real touches and hugs, real love and sex; men look for things to do for your girlfriend and women think about how to surprise men. We have some tips to help you take your Tinder relationship to the next level.

Talk to people

In fact, the first hours and days from the start of communication are the most saturated with emotions and information. And the most difficult thing here is to stop for a second and think about how truthful the information is. Of course, you shouldn’t directly show your distrust, but you can ask leading questions and compare the answers. And also, the tactics of questions on your part have another additional benefit – we all love to talk about ourselves, which means that the winner is the one who actively shows interest in the interlocutor. It is especially worthwhile to carefully analyze your communication in those moments when people share something personal with you.

Find common ground

If you started a conversation on Tinder, it means that you already have some common ground. If your new friends are of the same age as you and promote similar beliefs, you begin to share personal information with them. This is how mutual trust is formed.

Blacklist those who don’t want a serious relationship

On Tinder, there are a lot of those who simply don’t mind having fun, but, at the same time, they are not aimed at long-term relationships from the very beginning. It’s easy to determine it. It’s enough to carefully analyze their profiles. For example, it is worth considering if a new friend immediately hints that you sent your private photos. In this case, it is better to end communication with this person and continue the search for someone who, when meeting on Tinder, is aimed at a more serious relationship.

Don’t complain about previous partners

You may be exhausted from your previous relationship or are still angry with your ex. But if you were lucky to attract the attention of a fascinating person on Tinder, it is better not to spill a stream of complaints about how empty and filled with sadness your past life with your ex was. Few people are really interested in your suffering at the initial communication stage. And you can easily become a victim of manipulators if your new friends decide to just play along with you and show that they are not like your exes and everything can be different with them. Even if you broke up with your ex kindly, you still shouldn’t talk about your past relationships on Tinder. Your goal is to learn more about your new friend, rather than sharing the details of your previous relationships.

Support your new friend in difficult times

Each of us needs a person who can share with us the joy of victories and the bitterness caused by life’s failures. Tinder allows you to share joyful moments, leave comments on certain events, rejoice at each other’s successes, and support in difficult times. It is not uncommon when friends on Tinder know more about you than your neighbors or work colleagues. For example, people who find themselves in a difficult life situation can find like-minded friends on Tinder who have gone through this experience and receive the necessary moral support.

Take your time

We all know that common interests bring together. Your virtual conversations can drag on until four in the morning, but at one point, you realize that you want to reach a new level of communication. However, this desire should be mutual. If you still show genuine interest in each other, then how else to explain the many hours of daily communication? But, as a rule, here the most interesting begins – a certain part of people immediately begins to come up with all sorts of reasons to postpone the meeting. And the reason is simple – your new friend is not very interested in a relationship, and you better not waste your time on it. The vast majority of online dating doesn’t turn into a romantic relationship. The reason is simple – many Tinder relationships remain at the virtual stage. If you feel that your friend is in no hurry to have a date with you, then take the initiative in your own hands. Usually, a few days of communication is enough to figure out whether it is interesting for you to continue to communicate with this person. If the answer is yes, then ask the person to go out. If you live in different cities or countries, then you should agree in advance on some date when you can meet each other in reality.

Change the format of your relationships gradually

First, ask your Tinder friend about the possibility of exchanging phone numbers. Probably, he or she will approve of your desire to move away from the banal set of text messages and start practicing video calls. Don’t despair if a friend categorically refuses to share personal information with you. There may be good reasons for that. Perhaps he or she is frightened by something or too principled. Remember that online friendships can also be nice. If you manage to find out the address of your friend, give him or her a pleasant surprise, and send a birthday card on the occasion of a birthday or any other holiday. We all also know that life gets more valuable with photos so maybe introduce that to the relationship. Do everything so that this person feels as comfortable with you as possible. It is not uncommon for people to consider virtual friends closest to themselves, even if they have never met face to face.

Don’t stop communicating after a date

Friendship, like love, must be constantly “nourished.” Therefore, stay in touch even after you have satisfied your curiosity and met in person. The trust that has developed between people who have met on Tinder is unique and multifaceted. This feeling was formed through a set of life circumstances, ideas, or specific events. Always be in touch and support each other. The first meeting will be followed by many more unforgettable events in real life.

When it is better to meet in real life?

Most of us chatted with strangers on Tinder at least once. Some of those who have experience of such communication probably thought: “And what difference does it make when to meet? If something interests us, then we should meet as soon as possible!” And others, perhaps, think differently: “Does a real meeting make sense?” Yes, sometimes it happens that relationships that become reality after one or two communication sessions turn out to be promising and serious! What signs indicate that waiting makes much sense?

Communication is really interesting

You have a realistic image of the interlocutor in your head, and there is clearly no stiffness and pretense in communication. If, moreover, a person doesn’t hide real appearance, and according to the information on the page, you can get an idea of​​ the worldview and lifestyle of a person, then the meeting will clearly not spoil anything! In this case, the maximum nuisance is that something will disappoint you in reality, and communication may come to naught. But this risk is always with a real meeting with a virtual friend!

You don’t set a goal to charm this particular person at any costs

…but simply meet with different people to know who you are more comfortable and interesting with when you get to know each other, and then decide whether you want further relationships. Such a “casting” strategy is quite effective – at least, if you are disappointed in a virtual friend, then this will happen immediately, and you will not regret the evenings spent on unpromising messaging. The minus, which scares away many people from this option, is almost inevitable unsuccessful and uninteresting dates, which leave an unpleasant impression. But if you are not confused by the diverse communication in life – go ahead, you will not lose anything!

You friend urgently offers you to meet

Yes, you can refuse a few times, but you shouldn’t come up with unnecessary excuses – either your friends will conclude that you are not interested in them and you don’t want to meet at all, or they will think that you are playing hard to get (and people on Tinder don’t like this very much!).

If the meeting and live communication are successful, if you feel good together and you want to continue the relationship, then it is not so important how and where you met (on the street or on Tinder). Online dating is just one way of dating and nothing more. Well, how to build relationships further and what they will be – periodic trips to each other and relationships at a distance or moving to another city and creating a family, it all depends on you.

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