Instagram Has Spoken, 5 Classic Pieces That’ll Look Good Forever 

Have you ever rushed to get a pair of shoes or outfit just to jump on to the trend but by the  time you shipped it, it was already retro or out of style? Instagram is the most powerful tool  in fashion trends setting, declaring what is and what is not cool. This can make shopping  for outfits daunting, like why get something you will probably only wear once? However,  there are classic pieces that will be around forever and aren’t going anywhere anytime  soon. The following chic attire will remain in our wardrobes and always stylishly keep one  looking stunning:

The perfect pair of stomping boots

These boots are a fantastic way to make a statement and get the Instagramable perfect  look. The boots are all-around fashionable and season-less; you can wear them both in  winter and summer. Rock these over-the-edge boots with outfits such as denim pants,  short dresses, and your elegant trench coats. Some are even waterproof, making them  perfect for the cold rainy seasons.

Slouchy menswear inspired pants

If you want to prioritize your comfort while looking utterly gorgeous, these pants will do the  magic. Get yourself well-tailored pants that fit you well, especially at the waist since they  are high-waited. You can pair the pants with a relaxed blazer and trendy accessories for a  polished guise. Get your cute vibe on by tucking in an oversized t-shirt or a lovely  cardigan. Some call this menswear inspiration, but there’s nothing more powerful than  women in mens-inspired clothing!

The delicate handbag

These handbags have been one of the most popular handbags over the years. You can  see loads of influencers using handle bags, accessorised by gorgeous bracelets and a  great mini. You can find some classic, yet updated top handle bags from sites like Mirta,  and get that little Italian something shipped directly to you. Leave it to the Italians to serve  you the best handbags and allow you to show something unique on to others insta feed.

Pair of Levi’s 501’s

Being the first clothing line to make women’s jeans in the 1930s, Levi’s makes the best  quality jeans there is. The 501’s are 100% cotton making them very comfortable. The best  part is that the design is iconic and stylish with a high-waist making it easy to rock with  your favorite top and even trendily tuck it in.

A leather jacket

The beauty of leather is that it is the epitome of attractiveness that portrays confidence. A  leather jacket, primarily a black one, will go well with almost anything and never goes out  of style. The leather jacket will be perfect whether you want to go for a cute look with a  floral dress or a bad girl gothic look with black trousers.

Keeping up with trends can be fun on a short-term basis, but with this sustainably evolving  economy, buying smarter is better than buying more items. For this reason, such timeless

pieces as those mentioned above will have you looking magnificent while saving up on  costs!

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