Is Your Career Putting Your Future at Risk? The Reality of Injuries at Work

Working hard shouldn’t mean compromising your health. While it’s true that many roles like fishermen, firefighters and loggers are constantly at risk of harm or even death, that doesn’t mean your employer shouldn’t take responsibility for your safety.

Believe it or not, even some of the most mundane and tedious roles out there can also result in injuries, health issues and even a shorter life expectancy. You might think that your job is banal, but if your employer doesn’t take your health and safety seriously, it’s you that could end up paying the price.

So, what kind of injuries have the biggest impact on victims in the workplace? Read on to find out more.


Every patient is different, but often cancer can be traced back to lifestyle choices, smoking and work-related conditions – find out how you get can compensation for Mesothelioma by clicking the link. Exposure to chemicals and contaminants like asbestos over a period of time can result in developing cancers and other respiratory illnesses. The treatment costs of these kinds of diseases can be enough to bankrupt families or result in the untimely death of a loved one who was simply doing their job. Industrial workers, powerplant workers, carpenters and those in the construction sector are the most at risk of contracting these diseases.

Deafness and hearing loss

Maybe you spent time in the military, or you’ve spent your entire working career around loud machinery and equipment. If so, the possibility of hearing loss due to loud noise exposure is very likely. A change in your hearing can reduce the quality of your life, not to mention your bank balance, from having to pay for additional tests, hearing equipment and aids. Flight crew, factory workers, farmers, even bartenders and door security are at risk.

Broken bones

A broken bone is incredibly painful, but the consequences are far-reaching. Not only do employees have to take time away from work, but they could be facing years of rehabilitation and physiotherapy. This, in turn, can impact their quality of life, income and future. Anyone can trip and fall in the workplace, however, construction and factory workers are considered to be high-risk employees.

Head injuries

Often the most serious of injuries sustained in the workplace. The repercussions of a head injury depend on the severity of the impact. From a minor concussion to comprehensive brain injuries, being hit by a falling object could even kill you outright, leaving your family to fund and provide care or leave them trying to pay for funeral expenses. Office workers, warehouse personnel and construction workers are most at risk of falling objects.


A simple paper cut in the office is one thing. But getting your hand trapped in a steel-saw on a construction site is life-threatening. Cuts and injuries sustained from heavy machinery can result in the loss of limbs, significant blood loss and even death. Loggers, construction workers and farmers are at high risk of these kinds of injuries.

Final thoughts…

If you’ve been injured at work, reach out to a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible.

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