Learning Management Systems in Canada and the K-12 Market

The global pandemic made most schools and students accelerate their reliance on online teaching and learning. This made the Learning management systems in Canada and other countries become mainstream. And it became important that everyone knows the Learning management systems available in their region or country.

Are you? If you are currently sourcing for a new Learning Management System (LMS) as a student, teacher, or school management, then this article is for you. This article contains details of what a learning management system is, the best learning management system in Canada, and what the K-12 market is about.

What is a Learning Management system?

To comprehend the concept of a learning management system we will first look at the meaning of each word in it in detail.

Learning is the process by which an individual gains or delivers new understanding, knowledge, skills, and values. And management is the administration of this learning process and all the schedules involved for every individual. Lastly, the platform where this learning program is delivered is System.

Therefore, A Learning Management System is designed to help people create, manage, and deliver online courses and programs to learn. This application or software is used to administer, track, report, and deliver learning programs. With this learning platform, students and teachers can learn and highlight their skills from their comfort zone at any time.

LMS has many inbuilt features such as video tutorials, stories, webcam, games, etc. this application or software is built in such a way that it helps in identifying and filling the gaps between the instructors and their students. The features of the application enable instructors to check everyone’s progress on quizzes and assessments, and it makes learning online fun and exciting.

LMS can be used in various industries, such as finance, medicine, politics, education, etc. When choosing an LMS, it is important to know and choose an LMS that is suitable for your learning institution’s mission and goals. This is because, in recent years, there has been a wide variety of choices to pick from, and it could be a daunting task.

Learning Management System in the K-12 market?

The K-12 market which entails elementary to secondary education encounters a few challenges with the Learning management system in Canada. Most schools, especially public or district schools, tend to embrace one-on-one online education and the instruction inflected with digital work. Most primary and secondary schools do not invest as much in online learning like higher education. In most cases, the teachers are the one that drive the adoption of tools like LMS and platforms, and they make most of these decisions based on cost, application, and ease of use rather than administrators.

This is one of the reasons there is a disintegration of the corporate Learning management system in Canada`s market. Globally, every industry has its own personalized LMS to suit customers` needs and budgets, both individuals and the largest global corporations. Therefore it seems like there is a new LMS every other day. This new LMS has better license models and the technical efficiency of the cloud.

Best Learning Management system in Canada

There are more than 900 LMS vendors in the global learning platforms marketplace. The learning management system in Canada`s market is also saturated, and it feels like there is always a better option. They vary from major software companies used worldwide to the tiny cloud or budding LMS vendors.

In recent years, these vendors have been upon their game, ensuring they are constantly upgrading, balancing new features, and still ensuring the software has a good user interface. with the need to preserve the ease of use. According to the Past report, some LMS companies invest 35 to 40% of their revenue in research and development, adding or improving tools that focus on student engagement, ease of evaluation for instructors, and assisting with outcome-based learning. Nonetheless, many enterprising individuals continue to prefer to do their own thing.

Moodle is used by a few schools in Canada, including York University and the University of Alberta, but its true stronghold is in Quebec. Moodle is used by the entire CEGEP system, as well as the majority of Quebec’s universities, including the Université de Montréal, Concordia University, and the Université du Québec network. Notably, the Université du Québec à Montréal recently received funding from the Quebec government to integrate Moodle and other learning platforms into a new interconnected “digital learning environment” called DÉFI for all ten institutions in the Université du Québec network.

Canvas, a start-up that was founded in 2008, has been expanding globally. It has only recently become available in Canada, but it has quickly made inroads, with 8% of Canadian higher-education institutions now using it. Several major universities have recently joined, including the University of British Columbia in 2017 and the University of Toronto in 2018, as well as the University of Saskatchewan this year.


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