Mascara And Fake Eyelashes: Tips to Perfectly Use This Duo

Many women use false eyelashes to exempt themselves from needing to wear mascara. However, that does not mean you cannot use mascara combined with fake lashes. Indeed, it can create an even more effective, dramatic look to accentuate your eyes.

That being said, applying mascara to false lashes is not as simple as putting it on your natural ones. If you want to create a striking look, you must know how to combine the two without the results appearing clumsy and clownish. Here is what you need to know about using mascara on false eyelashes:

What are the possibilities?

Can you put mascara on eyelashes is the first question you might ask yourself. The answer in most instances is yes, although you should always consult any directions on your false eyelash packaging to confirm that. Lashes from top brands like Vavalash, Trish McEvoy Lashes, and Lilac St accommodate mascara. Lilac St specializes in lash extensions that create a more authentic look than strip false eyelashes. Its products come with invisible strips that do not need makeup to conceal them. The hand-arranged fibers on Lilac St lash extensions come in three styles: original, volume, and feather.

Going through the directions for using your false eyelashes is essential as the products might only be compatible with certain mascara types. For instance, using oil-based, waterproof mascara with false eyelashes might not be advisable. The chemicals they contain could cause lash adhesive degradation, leading to lashes peeling before they should.

Why wear mascara with false lashes?

As mentioned before, many women use false eyelashes as a mascara substitute. However, you might want to combine mascara with fake lashes for a few reasons. First, mascara makes lashes appear thicker and more lustrous. Second, mascara allows you to change your false eyelashes’ color, something users of colored mascara favor. Third, mascara lengthens false lashes much as it does natural ones.

Most mascaras contain ingredients like Vitamin E, biotin, and keratin that nourish natural eyelashes. Continuing to apply it while using false lashes keeps your natural lashes growing and looking healthy.

Choosing the right mascara

As mentioned before, oil-based mascaras, such as waterproof brands, are not suitable for false eyelashes. They contain substances like sesame oil, eucalyptus oil, and lanolin, among others. Contact between these substances and eyelash adhesives breaks down its bonding properties.

The best mascara products to choose from are water-based ones made specifically for false eyelashes. The balanced pH of these mascaras means no damage is done to the lash glue’s adhesive properties. Not all water-based mascara products are suited to use with false eyelashes, and it is preferable to choose one that specifies use with such products.

Applying mascara to fake lashes

Using mascara on false eyelashes is different from doing so on your natural ones. You need to be extra careful that your actions do not place strain on the natural lashes, causing them to fall or pull out. Any pulling or rubbing motion poses a potential threat to your natural lashes and the integrity of false eyelash fibers.

Experts advise that you do not apply mascara to the roots of your natural and false eyelashes as this could cause the pulling motion mentioned before. Apply mascara from the middle of your lashes toward their tips. This also avoids leaving mascara chunks between your lash roots, ruining the effect. False eyelashes should need no more than one or two coats of mascara.

Removing mascara from fake lashes

How you remove mascara from false eyelashes is also a critical process. You cannot use the same procedures as you do on your natural lashes, as excessive rubbing or pulling causes damage.

Avoid oil-based makeup removers as their contents have the same adverse effects on lash adhesives as oil-based cosmetics. Use a gentle cleanser and use lint-free makeup remover swabs to avoid snagging.

When it is time for bed

You should always remove mascara before going to bed. It is not only to avoid panda eyes the following morning. Mascara coats your natural lashes, preventing them from obtaining sufficient oxygen.

Leaving mascara on for protracted periods can also lead to bacterial infections, natural eyelash loss, and damage to the cornea. Some of these conditions could cause vision loss, so maintaining eye health through makeup removal is essential.

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