Money-Saving PPC Tips

PPC and digital marketing are often about making less money go farther. All marketers and advertisers are looking for ways to optimize their campaigns and save their budget, and for many start-ups, saving money on PPC can mean the difference between success and failure.

Increase CTR by Writing Better Ad Copy

One of the best ways to save money is to write better ad copy. Better copy improves CTR, which improves your Quality Score. Quality Score is the best metric for advertisers to focus on to run more cost-effective campaigns. A PPC management company can help you write better copy.

Use Extensions to Further Increase CTR

Use ad extensions to make your ads more clickable. There are lots of different ad extensions that are available on Google AdWords. Regardless of what kind of business you run or what products you sell, there will be an extension or two that will help your ads to stand out from the competition.

Adjust Your Campaign Geolocation Settings

AdWords’ geolocation settings are excellent. They let advertisers choose to only display ads to certain regions, or within a specific distance of your business. Geolocation settings are also some of the most overlooked features in AdWords, and many advertisers either don’t set geolocation parameters properly or just don’t think to apply them to their campaigns at all.

Make sure your geolocation settings are set to the best hours of operation for your business. This is even more important to do if you’re advertising goods or services sold from a physical location.

Use Dayparting in Concert with Geolocation

In a similar way to making good use of geolocation settings, dayparting can help you to maximize how visible your business is to your target audience at specific times of the day. These options are ideal for advertisers who want to drive traffic to a physical bricks-and-mortar store.

If you make use of dayparting alongside geolocation, you will have a very high degree of control over when and where your ads are shown to your target audience. However, this extra control does mean that you will need to have greater oversight and be more vigilant to make sure you’re not accidentally sabotaging your own hard work.

Create a Negative Keyword Conflicts Report

You should have been using negative keywords as part of your PPC strategy for a long time, or you should at least be thinking about using them if you are still relatively new to paid search. However, if you are using them, you should also compile a negative keywords conflict report. Without this report, some of the negatives that you added to your account might actually be costing you money.

Negative keyword conflict reports are a feature of Bing Ads that will let you identify any potential conflicts between excluded negative keywords and search terms that you’re bidding on. As well as bringing your attention to potentially costly keyword conflicts, this report can also help you identify negatives that could be harming your results.

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