Organization Essentials For Fall Semester

Summer break is finally here. Take your well-earned break, but once you have had time to decompress from the school year the summer break is good for reflecting on ways to improve your organizational skills. Enhancing your organizational skills will help you to balance your academic, social and work life. Here are some organization essentials to keep in mind for the fall semester.

Color-Coordinated Supplies and Accessories

There is nothing that can motivate you to stay organized more than color-coordinated office supplies. Just the sight of your perfectly harmonized desktop accessories accenting your room decor can make you feel like you have your stuff together. Your desktop accessories can be an extension of you with personalization. Your 3×3 branded stick notes can have your initials or sorority letters on them. Your file folders and magazine files give a home to all your loose-leaf paper. The right desk accessories keep everything right where you need it, but stored away for more desktop space.

An Awesome Notebook

Every college student needs a notebook or binder for notes, study guides and anything else you may need to write down. You may be used to carrying around five notebooks for each class, but consider stacking them all into one. A notebook with a divider can help you stay organized and reduce the chances of you misplacing your notes. Each section can be for each class. Having one notebook is also better for your back. Who wants to carry around a huge backpack across campus?

Take Advantage Of Wall Space

Dorms rooms can be really close-cornered. There may not be enough space on your desk or dresser to store any of your special birthday cards, game ticket stubs, pictures, or class syllabi. Utilize your wall space by placing a corkboard, a wire board, or a collage of clipboards to hold your keepsakes and forget-me-nots in a place where you can always see them, but will not take up too much space.

Pack Your Backpack

As a college student, you are always on the go. You do not have time in your busy schedule to come to your dorm room after every class to restock on things you need. This is why packing your backpack with all the to-go essentials is a must. Make sure you are never without pens, pencils, highlighters, the big notebook we talked about, your laptop or tablet. You can go with a traditional book bag or you can go for something more modern and chic like a tote bag. Make sure you pick a pack with durable straps that are easily adjustable. Extra pockets and compartments are also a plus.

Staying organized is not just for those Type A people. It is a habit that anyone can practice. All you have to do is keep these tips in mind and you will be well on your way in the fall semester. Remember to organize your desk space and reduce clutter, take notes in your awesome notebook, use your wall space, and get a great backpack.

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