Organizing Your Closet by Color

Whether you’re looking for the perfect Instagram shot or you just want a better way to organize your closet to get rid of the clutter, organizing your closet by color is a great option. Reorganizing your closet will feel like a big weight off your chest. Plus, color organizing will make your closet feel like a bright, fun place to visit, rather than where you desperately search for an outfit when you’re late for work. Plus, color-organizing your closet will make it easier to coordinate outfits and to pack a suitcase.

Organizing your closet by color doesn’t have to be a a major chore. Follow these simple steps for a brighter wardrobe today.

1. Take Everything Out of Your Closet and Get Rid of Old Stuff

The first step to a new closet is to take every single thing out. Sort through it all on your bed or a clean floor, and create piles of things you’ll keep versus give away. It might be tough to give up nostalgic pieces or something you’ve had forever but never actually worn, but thinking about your items living a new life in someone else’s closet can really help sort the wheat from the chaff.

Once you’ve emptied everything, clean your closet; vacuum the floor, dust everything, and wipe down the shelves.

2. Sort Into Color Piles

Now the fun really begins! Pick up each garment and sort it into color-related piles. Don’t worry about other characteristics like the type of item or fabric. Simply sort items into piles of red, orange, yellow, blue, and so forth.

You can decide how specifically you want to sort your items at this stage. For example, you might want to go by simple primary colors. Or, if you find you have a lot of stuff in one color category, you might get more specific. For example, you could divide blue up by navy blue, cobalt, and baby blue.

3. Lay Out Your Closet

Now you get decide what order to replace your items. If you’d like, you can sort each color block by item, so that blue dresses, pants, and skirts are each together, for example.

Next, decide what organizing pattern you’d like to use. You could go with a rainbow pattern, arranging your closet from red through purple. Or go light to dark, starting with white at one end and moving through your darkest blue and black pieces at the other end. Feel free to move things around so you can see it visually before you pick your favorite arrangement.

4. Make It a Zen Space

Once you’re reorganized your closet, adding some Zen touches will make it perfectly Instagram-ready. Switch out your usual lighting or add an LED closet rod. You can also add motion activated lights. Pick up a set of relatively inexpensive wireless LED lights at your local hardware store that you can stick onto the ceiling or walls to illuminate the space.

Once you’ve sorted your closet by color, you’re ready to add new pieces to the mix! Every new item you buy will be that much easier to display and match with an outfit.

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