Secret Negative Meanings of Popular Flowers

Perfect by nature, with elegant appearances and pleasant scents, flowers are so beautiful that it is hard to believe that some of these pretty things can carry quite negative meanings. Some popular blooms symbolize unpleasant emotions and can transmit a rather ungracious message. Before you flower delivery Mississauga, make sure the secret language of flowers does not let you down because floral looks can be deceptive.

Lily of the Valley

Lily of the Valley is a popular staple for online flower delivery because these pretty little bells are traditional symbols of luck and happiness. On the other hand, Lily of the Valley is a poisonous plant. Therefore, it can also designate suffering, loss, sadness, and even death. In the Christian religion, the flower also symbolizes tears.

Black Dahlia

The somber beauty of the Black dahlia flower is mesmerizing, but this gloomy bloom has a negative symbolism behind it. This flower indicates evil, unfaithfulness, doom, and dishonesty. Black dahilas can be the best flowers for you, but you should be aware of the negative connotations that are attached to this gothic cutie.

Red Tulips

Tulips are a classic symbol of romance and love, and the red blooms’ positive meaning is associated with adoration, passion, and joy. However, the secret negative sense of red tulips is aggression, rage, and danger. If you give a bouquet of red tulip flowers at the wrong time, you can find yourself in trouble.

Black Roses

Black might be one of the most pessimistic rose color meanings, and you should, therefore, not deliver flowers of black roses at all costs. Black roses commonly signify death, mourning, and horror. Despite being enigmatically beautiful, black roses also indicate revenge and hatred. Online flower delivery of black roses will also point at the end of a career or a breakup. As all roses have thorns, they are a universal symbol of evil.

Orange Lily

Lilies are the favorite flowers of many people. Large and aromatic, lilies easily become the focal point of any place where they are placed. When you are planning to deliver flowers, lilies will spoil you with an abundance of colors to choose from. However, there is one lily color you want to stay away from if you do not want to send a wrong message – orange. Orange lilies are associated with hatred, egoism, and disrespect. In general, lilies symbolize sadness, but they can also be linked with renewal, inner transformation, and rebirth.

Yellow Roses

Yellow roses generally convey positive emotions, and a bouquet of such flowers will be indicative of your warmth and friendship. Still, these vivacious darlings can also denote negative sentiments, such as jealousy and greed. Yellow is also connected with sickness and mental disorder.

If you want to buy a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a friend, family member or special someone, be careful what you choose and be sure to read about all the flowers with an unpleasant connotation associated with them.

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