Steps to Become an Online Math Teacher

Many dream of being a great math teacher and introducing the mother of all sciences to young students. Many would-be math teachers spend years in college and graduate school studying math and earning degrees. Others have fewer degrees but a deep understanding of mathematics and pedagogy of mathematics.

There are several approaches to becoming an online math teacher. It’s given that you must be good at math. Another foundational teaching skill is communication, particularly verbal communication.

If you are confused about the exact steps for becoming a math teacher, this article is for you.

Must-haves for every online mathematics teacher

Every online math teacher must have a few foundational skills. These include the ability to arouse interest, effective communication skills, understanding of children’s psychology, and proficiency in their respective subjects.

However, not everyone is good at every aspect of being a math teacher. Every person has certain weaknesses and that’s true for all teachers. Some have deep knowledge of their subject but lack teaching proficiency. It goes vice versa and in many ways. No matter what your weakness is, you need to work on it and bring it to an acceptable level.

Many teachers struggle in the field of communication. Interacting with learners is crucial, especially for math teachers. It’s the only way you can ensure that a class is moving at your pace. With practice, you can improve your public speaking skills, and that would reflect in your class interactions.

Communicating in online classes is a different ball game altogether. One of the most important skills in this regard is technical proficiency. You need to know more than the average person about the tools and technologies that make online classes possible. That will make sure your classes are never hindered by any technical issues.

Apart from these skills, it’s crucial to understand other people, no matter what their age. Human psychology is a part of pedagogy, and you must be well-versed in it.

How to be a math teacher

Every math teacher has a different journey. For the sake of simplification, here’s what the journey looks like for many math teachers:

  • Have a college degree or some other academic degree in mathematics
  • Start teaching in your own community among friends and families. This will help you understand whether you want to pursue teaching as a profession.
  • Practice and hone your interpersonal communication skills
  • Get a professional teaching degree from institutions like Teachers of Tomorrow
  • Contact educational institutions, give interviews, demonstrate your skills, and get hired

It’s important to remember that not everyone has the same route to becoming a math teacher. When you first start thinking about how to be a math teacher, you might be at a completely different stage of life.

Many people switch to teaching after working for years in some other trade. On the other hand, some people know at a very young age that they want to grow up to be teachers. No matter what your situation is, anyone can be a teacher if they set their mind to it.

Career prospects for math teachers

Math is one of the core disciplines in school education. Along with language skills, mathematical proficiency is a key skill for advancing in every other profession. As technology becomes more and more commonplace, we would need more developers and programmers. Mathematics is indispensable for any advanced coding or programming. That makes math teachers all the more important.

Finding a job as a math teacher will not be difficult. The bigger challenge is to be good in your subject and also in teaching. Not everyone is naturally gifted in mathematics. It takes a lot of time and effort to make a student interested in mathematics and what it does. That’s where a great teacher outshines a good teacher.

There are several places where you can teach math and get paid. It can be different course specializations or general schools. You can also teach math at an advanced level if you have the proficiency and qualifications for it.

Online teaching vs offline teaching: What’s the difference?

Online teaching is different from offline teaching in many ways. The most fundamental difference is that you are not physically present in a classroom in online classes. That makes it much more crucial to master communication skills.

If you are teaching a class online, you must be able to hold their attention. Doing this in a physical classroom is somewhat easier compared to doing it over computer and smartphone screens.

Online education requires teachers to know specific skills. If you want to be a teacher in 2022, it’s essential to be good at online teaching.


We hope this guide helps everyone who wants to pursue the career of a math teacher. Once you have figured out how to be a math teacher, stick to your plan, and you’ll surely reach the destination.


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