Sticking to a Fitness Routine While You Travel

Sticking to a fitness routine is hard. Many of us find it hard to fit regular exercise into our busy lives, and when something comes up, or we are in a particularly busy period, exercise is often one of the first things that we give up to make time for other things. Even harder than sticking to a routine, is getting back into exercise once you have stopped. You might think that you can take a week off while you are busy or a few weeks off while you travel, and just get back into things, picking up where you left off, as soon as things calm down or you get home from your break.

But, few of us do. Once we’ve taken time off, we start to make excuses. We’re out of our good habits, bad habits have set in. Then, in no time, or fitness and energy levels have dropped, whatever strength we had built is gone, and exercise is harder than ever. This can be demoralising, and you might find that you prefer to avoid exercise, instead of facing the results and starting the hard work that is rebuilding.

But, regular exercise is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle. It will help you to maintain a healthy weight, improve your confidence and mental health, help you to sleep and focus. It will help to prevent countless illnesses and conditions and give you a chance to stay fit and healthy for much longer. That’s why, even when you travel, it’s a good idea to stick to an exercise routine, and maintain your fitness levels.

Mental health is also one big factor in making sure you’re staying healthy on the inside. is a great option, with counselors custom-suited to your needs, lifestyle, and schedule. Everything starts in your mind first, even your ability to get up and stay active first starts with the motivation to get moving.

Flex it Up

Yes, you want to stick to a fitness routine, but that doesn’t mean that it has to be precisely the same as your routine back home. You might decide to take some time off, to try new things, or to practice more convenient exercises while you are away from home. This is fine. Allow yourself some flexibility, so that you can exercise around the other things that you want to do on your break. Don’t let a determination to exercise the same as usual ruin your break.

Find the Right Hotel

If you really want to stick to your usual routines, or if you are training for a specific goal, your hotel choice is essential. You might want somewhere with a gym or pool, or just somewhere in a great location for running.

Find Some Great YouTube Videos

YouTube videos are great for working out when you can’t get to a gym. But, when you are traveling, you might not always have a great internet connection or the space that you need to work out as you’d like. Find some videos that are suitable for small spaces, and check out to learn how to download them. Build yourself a travel playlist for ease.

Pack Your Running Shoes

If you want to exercise while you are on the road, don’t forget to pack your running shoes and any other clothing and equipment that you might need. Even if you only plan to burn calories by pounding the pavement, make sure you’ve got comfortable shoes.

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