Surprising Habits That Could Be Harming Your Health (& What to Do About Them)

We all know that good habits are the foundation of good health. Yet there may be some things you are doing habitually that are hurting your wellbeing, and the kicker is you may not even realize you are doing them. The good news is that by identifying them you can deal with them and improve your health, so keep reading to find out what they are, below. 


First of all, many people believe that ‘going on a diet’ is a great and positive way to impact their health. After all, the dangers of obesity and related diseases are common knowledge. However, research shows that while diets may help to shed pounds in the short term, they may cause problems over the longer term. 

Specifically, the issue is with what is known as yo-yo dieting. This means dieting for a time, and once the weight is lost returning to the old ways of eating. Unfortaiuly. By doing this you give your body and mind signals of starvation and encourage it to eat more and so put on weight. Indeed, many people end up heavier after a successful diet because they cannot maintain the loss in the long term.

With that in mind, avoiding restrictive diets is best, and finding a way of eating that is satisfying and sustainable for your body is the smart option. This may mean making only small changes, or getting in tune with your hunger and fullness sensations while responding to your body’s need for any type of food. 

Not asking for the help you need 

Another harmful habit that we can all be guilty of is not asking for the help that we need and deserve to stay healthy. Of course, there are a whole range of issues that can prevent us from accessing such help including avoidance of the issue, shame, and lack of funds. Those with the first two often need extra support and empathetic health professionals to help. 

Although, if funding is the problem and you have a health issue that was someone else’s fault, do remember then getting help from medical malpractice attorneys can help here. After all, they will be able to establish blame and help you access the fund you need to recover. 

Over Exercising 

Exercise is good, right? It burns calories, moves oxygenated blood around the body, and helps us maintain muscle and bone mass. However, even too much exercise can be bad for the body and the mind. 

In particular, over-exercising can lead to injuries that prevent any movement at all. Not to mention the long-term wear and tear it can wreak on your joints. Then there is the psychological damage that over-exercising can do, as it can easily become an addiction that can be very painful to deal with and hard to break. 

That is why, even when it comes to healthy activities like exercising, moderation is critical. This means not repeatedly purchasing yourself beyond your own limits, listening to your body, and making sure you have enough rest days so your body can recover. 

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