Tapestry Girls Review: How to Style a Small Space

As college students, we are typically sharing our living space in some capacity which means we have to cram all our personal items in our small bedrooms or even smaller dorm rooms. You’ve probably spent a great deal of time and planning to transform your dorm room or apartment into a space you can comfortably call home. Having the necessities alone, such as a fridge or dresser, can make the space feel cramped, but adding decorations is a must to make your space enjoyable to live in.

Here’s some tips on how to personalize your small space and make it feel more roomy with cute, unique products selected from TapestryGirls.com.

  1. Think BIG!

I’m not telling you to buy oversized furniture and switch out your twin bed to a California King. Thinking big means to give the illusion of space. Mirrors make a room seem much bigger as they add dimension. And we all know dark colors make a room seem smaller, so while black out curtains may hide the annoying street lights outside, open them during the day to brighten up your space. One of our personal favorites to brighten up your space is the Curtain LED Lights from Tapestry Girls. They can be purchased on their website, or from Walmart.com.

  1. It’s All About The Bedding

Forget that your bedding is typically the focal point of your bedroom and consider that we spend almost a third of our lives in our beds. By that math, it better be comfortable! The Softy Tan Bed Set is the bedding set to get you through a great night’s sleep, in style.

Pair this luxury duvet set with the matching pom-pom lined bed skirt and you have a look fit for a comfy, boho queen! Complete the look with quilted pom-pom pillows or our signature Softy pillows for increased support and fun accents. *PRO TIP: Mix up the colors for an extra funky, fluffy aesthetic*

  1. Style your Space around a Statement Piece.

A statement piece is the focal point of the room and informs the theme of your space. It can be a tapestry, a painting, a bed set, etc. One year, I styled my dorm room around the color scheme of some album covers I found to hang on my wall. The next year, I styled my room based on a maroon comforter from Target and painted some canvases to match.

Tapestry Girls have tapestries for every style, whether it be boho or edgy. I caught their Midnight Moon Tapestry on sale this year and have it hanging up over my bed now with some string lights around it. It also glows in the dark!

Most importantly, have fun with your space and try your best to make it feel like home. Happy styling!

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