The Casa Collection: An Artistic Spin on Home Furnishings and Accessories

Everyone wants their home to look its best. For some, a touch of elegance and sophistication is a must-have to create a warm and inviting setting. The Casa line of home products from Dolce & Gabbana exists solely to create such spaces. Offering a wide range of home products and goods, the Dolce & Gabbana Casa collection takes a unique and luxurious view of home goods and furnishings. Whether you want something sleek or you simply want to add a splash of color to your home, the Casa collection is for anyone with elite taste.

white and black wooden table with chairs

Home Furnishings

Sofas, chairs, benches, and coffee tables are the focal point of any living area and a beautifully designed furniture piece can speak volumes about your style. Dolce & Gabbana uses a myriad of high-end upholsteries and woods meant to convey a variety of themes and chromatic depth. Anyone who chooses a Casa home furnishing will immediately notice its superior Italian craftsmanship that embodies the “dolce vita” lifestyle. Remarkably comfortable seats add to these unparalleled design pieces.

Living Spaces

Have you considered brightening up your living space with an array of beautiful patterns and artistic design schemes? If you have, the Casa living space collection can help you engineer a space that invokes unrivaled comfort. The living space collection includes:

•      Candles

•      Throws

•      Cushions

•      Wallpapers

•      Coffee tables

Casa cushions are suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces and our wallpapers can add a touch of class to any room. Dolce & Gabbana candles are ideal for aromatherapy in any setting.


Your dining room table is an expression of your home’s charm and personality. That is why the Casa line includes an impressive lineup of plates, glasses, tea and coffee accessories, tablecloths, trays, and cutlery – everything you need to complete an elegant table setting. Whether dining inside or out, you will enjoy the Italian-themed Casa line of table accessories.


Evoking the colorful elements of an Italian beach, the Dolce & Gabbana Casa line of bathroom accessories is for everyone. Choose from an array of robes, slippers, and towels, all of which are meant to add a touch of refinement and worldliness to your bathroom. The robes, slippers, and towels complement each other in a classy and sophisticated manner and speak volumes about your eye for upscale design and home products.

DG & Bialetti

Dolce & Gabbana has proudly partnered with Bialetti to produce an artistic and exceptional coffee maker and accessories. Meant to embody the spirit and tradition of the Italian morning coffee ritual, the coffee maker boasts a bold and distinct red and yellow design pattern. Whether you simply want to prepare your morning mocha or heat water for tea, the Dolce & Gabbana and Bialetti line of products is for individuals with an eye for style and polish.

Dolce & Gabbana Casa Collection

The Dolce & Gabbana Casa collection is for anyone with unique style and flair. Its line of products is meant to elicit feelings of comfort and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

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