The Importance of Genealogy to Elders

Some say getting older is a privilege. Others think aging is a curse but there is not a guidebook for getting older. Genealogy is particularly popular with individuals over the age of 65. Psychologists claim that genealogy is a way of reviewing one’s life and acknowledging how things change throughout their lifetime.

Reviewing one’s life is a healthy way to process and understand how circumstances and people change and move in and out of our lives. Perhaps, that is a task for everyone despite whatever age you are.

How a DNA Test Can Contribute to Your Story

Filling in a family tree can reassure a senior of their importance to your family but giving your elder an opportunity to share more than birth and death dates but a real perspective of the events that happen throughout their lifetime.

DNA tests can tell us a lot about an individual. It is not unusual for a doctor to ask an older (first-time Mom) to undergo genetic testing.

Also, sometimes a family will share a faulty gene that can impact their health. A quality DNA test can help your health team aid you in preventing the disease from developing in the first place.

Seniors can protect themselves with lifestyle changes and catching symptoms of illness at the early stages offering higher survival rates and better quality of life.

DNA Weekly is an objective website that compares the DNA tests available to consumers and offers resources and guidelines on how to invest in the best DNA test that will provide you with the answers you’re looking for.

The Comfort in Remembering

Losing a loved one is never easy but tiptoeing around their memory is not helpful either.

Allowing older family members to take the conversation down whatever route they want means you will have access to your loved ones’ most vulnerable moments. Try not to push a subject if they seem hesitant.

Reconnecting with Lost Family Members

Time has a way of corroding anger and fear until you do not remember why they stopped talking with a cousin, or a sibling.

Bringing people back together is just one of the many positive side-effects of genealogy for the elderly and for anyone who wants to reconnect with their family. Memories are subjective can vary from person to person even if they have experienced the same event. Seniors who take up genealogy as a hobby quickly learn that the absolute best resources for any ancestry investigator are the elders within the family. If you are lucky you will also find family memorabilia in the home that helps further conversation.


There are countless resources available on the web that discuss the physical and emotional benefits for seniors to explore their ancestry and heritage. One of the best is Family Search which is ran by the Mormon Church who believes that they have to baptize the dead to ensure their ancestors are welcome in heaven. Mormons also believe in being of service and strive to change their enormous database of ancestral and physical heritage.

The Importance of Genealogy for Everyone

Investigating family histories helps everyone connected to these stories pack away the parts that bother them while finding a special place to put the good recollections.

Mortality is a harsh reminder but memories keep us close to our identities and this very simple act can help anyone from a senior to a terrified child by calling your ancestors to you to support you in spirit as you trudge ahead.

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